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Google Android 6.0 Codenamed "M" - What To Expect...

In 2012 at the Google I/O event, Google announced Android Jelly Bean on June 27th, and its release date followed on July 9th, 2012. During the Google I/O 2013, Google announced the release of Android Kitkat via the Google’s Official Blog on October 31, 2013. During the event at Google I/O 2014, the announcement of Android Lollipop occurred on October 15th, 2014. Afterward, its release was later during the year on November 12th, 2014 via the Google’s Official Blog. The yearly trend seems to be similar to Google’s announcement and release of higher versions of Android. It seems like history usually repeats itself. Hence, if we go by the history then there is expectations of Google to release the latest version of Android with the codename M in its upcoming event; Google I/O 2015 conference. The announcement could happen late this month of May since the developer conference begins on May 28th, 2015 and ends on 29th in Moscone Center West in San Francisco, CA. Its release is expected to happen later during the year between the end of October and early November.

Google Android M

Google has always named its previous versions of Androids after their sugary treats during the conference starting from Apple to the latest one Lollipop. Therefore, going by the company’s naming trends in history; individuals have started guessing what the next Codename M could be. Perhaps it could be Marshmallow, Mint, Mentos, Milkshake, M&M, MilkyWay, Macaron, Muffin, etc. Several individuals bet it would mostly be Marshmallow, but there’s no assurance yet; thus time will tell.

People have a lot of expectations about Google Android 6.0 Codenamed M. The first one is improved security; Android M may bring about a significant change in protecting the privacy of users. According to Android Headlines, Google might introduce Smart Lock to its next version of Android to enable users to keep their phones and details safe from unauthorized access. It would save the users from having to create passwords several times to secure their smartphones. Besides, the Smart Lock would ensure that the Android users can connect their phones to Bluetooth and NFC gadgets and remain unlocked, even though; the smartphones are connected to such devices. This would be a great way to save the users who rarely lock their phones. Additionally, there are anticipations that Android M might include a feature that can block apps from seeing the user’s contacts. For instance, users would choose either to let apps like Facebook access their locations, but deny them the access to their contacts. Isn’t this an achievement? Of course, it is and enhances the security of the users.

Another major update expected is Google Voice Control whereby Google is planning to enable consumers control the apps by their voices. This is one of those features that were listed on the schedule of I/O 2015. Also, people expect that Android M would come with more stability with no bugs that are currently in Android Lollipop. Android L is still full of bugs since its release in 2014, so individuals expect that Google will fix most of these bugs if not all. Some people also hope that perhaps Google can reconsider returning the Silent Mode back, or else updating to a more established interruptions setting.

Google has Android Auto software listed on its website as coming soon thus this can be in the next release. It could see the Android Auto equipped cars on the roads. It will be an incredible experience for the users because they would control their vehicle’s entertainment, GPS, and messaging without plugging in their phones. According to Customs Today, the first car of such nature expected to get to the market is 2015 Volvo XC90 that is most likely going to be released during Google I/O 2015.

Furthermore, Android M is likely to have modified notifications system that is synchronized with the Google Chrome Book. Perhaps it can also come with enhanced power management and also integrate all the Google’s built-in apps.

All in all Google has always brought excitements to people at its annual developer’s conference; hence this is not an exception. We all look forward to that date; meanwhile we can only anticipate what the Google experts have for us in store. It will be fun; it will be amazing, so android lovers’ better get ready for 28 - 29th May, 2015!

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