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Super Material Graphene : Toughest, Lightest, Thinnest, Transparent, Flexible and Conductive...

If you think Diamond is the strongest material known to humans, you are wrong !!

A super-material named "Graphene" would be the correct answer to that, it's not only harder than diamond but 300x stronger than steel, if that is not enough the material is Thinnest and Lightest material ever discovered. The other qualities which makes it a SUPER-MATERIAL are conductivity which is better than Copper, flexibility and transparency. And for technology this means awesome nano-technology gadgets we have never imagined before.

Do watch the Graphene introduction video and a concept future gadget using it envisioned by Nokia after the jump (read more).

Nano tech


simply amazing! The uses will be endless.

I understand that Graphene is a very good candidate for amazingly fast microprocessors. Talk of 2 terahertz was mentioned. I hope that the developers have success in low cost production methods so we can all enjoy that sort of speed. The only problem would be our relatively slow hard drives and SSD’s. Hey room for another breakthrough!

Let's not get too ahead of ourselves, yes it is an amazing material but how much is available within this planet, do we have a massif resource like water or is there a limited resource like diamond?
One thing you can bet on, even if there is an abundance of the material, the first products will be at a premium (as long as it is not classified as strategic as the defence uses are infinite). We also need to think about the development of low-cost manufacturing methods, both raw material and products. One thing that occurred to me is, if this material is 300 times stronger than steel and harder than diamond, how do we cut it?
It would be nice to think that some humanitarian uses may be developed first, bullet proof clothing for US school children for instance, but I guess that's just a pipe dream.

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