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WindowsTabs - Free Utility To Group Windows In Chrome Like Tabs

If your work involves lots of open windows and you want something which can sort the mess out here is some good news for you, one of its kind handy little utility WindowTabs let you group application windows as Google Chrome styled tabs.

Tab Grouping Of Application Windows

attaches a small tab on top of each application window which you can use to drag-and-drop and group windows together, you are allowed to configure which applications you want tabs on and one's you want excluded.

WindowTabs comes in two flavors free and pro with free version limited to maximum three tabs in a group, WindowTabs supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and can be downloaded from the following links :


looking good, lets try

finally someone comes up with this!

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great utility! love it! :) thnx

link is not working can u post a new link.....

my wish was not granted, this program utterly sucks. It crashes and when it doesnt crash it causes other programs to run slower, sometimes even media player classic lags when using this, and it is NOT my computer, I have tested this on 2 different ones.

Well, if you want to test it feel free, but in my experience I will wait for something better from someone who can code it right with most XP programs.

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Nothing new here.
Talking about Linux... old feature!
Talking about M$ Win... even nVIDIA allows multiple desktops to be set up.
Well, another app, hope it's stable enough...

Its super very nice


really it work i was able to watch all blocked site in my insitute.

Great app. anyone has a serial?

Great app. anyone has a serial?

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