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GTA V PC And The Unhacked Denuvo DRM Service

Gamer forums and blog got buzzed with chatter on how the upcoming GTA V (First Person Reincarnation) for PC would put a full-stop to piracy of the game by using the uncrackable Denuvo DRM service. The chatter started when somebody noticed Rockstar's Logo on Denuvo's website under "Who we work with" section, this new DRM which is being successfully used in FIFA 15 and Lords of the Fallen makes use of DRM code which changes every time, which has made it uncrackable. This made pirates worrying how they were gonna enjoy one of the most exciting new feature of the game (First person gameplay) in the upcoming reincarnation of GTA V.


However, giving joy to the pirate GTA fans - Denuvo's Co-founder Robert Hernandez made an statement saying Grand Theft Auto V will not be using their DRM and the only reason Rockstar's logo was on their partner list was because the developer used the tech in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Me gustaría ver las características de este producto. El requerimiento para correrlo y su costo

Just wait a year or two, will be on sale for $5. If the pirates can't even be bothered to spend that little, they might as well just stop playing games.

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