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reCAPTCHA Mail Hide - Stop Spam Bots Harvesting Your Email Address from Webpages

Stop SpamPosting emails addresses on public forums and webpages is a sure shot way to get your email address picked by Spam Bots and get listed on spam lists, the most common hack used to prevent SPAM BOTS is to post email address in malformed state for example can be posted as xyz [AT] but as spam harvesters get smart with ever evolving algorithms this is not a fool proof method, similarly Javascript email encoders can also be decoded and e-mail captured.

reCAPTCHA Mail Hide is a simple, fast, fool-proof and free solution to the problem, reCAPTCHA Mail Hide brings proven CAPTCHA based spam protection to prevent your email address from automated email harvesters, using reCAPTCHA Mailhide is very simple just visit this page and submit the email address you wish to protect and post on internet, the service will then give you a simple copy and paste HTML code and a unique URL which you can post on webpages, blogs, comments and forums, the html code snippet will display your partial email address and revealing the full e-mail address requires users to solve a CAPTCHA.

Protected Email Address
Encrypted Email
Solve CAPTCHA Window
reCAPTCHA mail Hide

If you are a blog publisher you can use reCAPTCHA plugins to automatically protect all posted e-mail addresses.

Sample Protected Email Address:


There are numerous other CAPTCHAS being broken (as provided here, like for example Rapidshare and similar file-sharing portals, the good thing is reCAPTCHA is still safe and even if it gets cracked they will update it, its a fight similar to Virus creators and Anti-Virus makers - they always tend to be be one step ahead of the other.


Those of you not willing to use CAPTCHA or hassle with it there's more convenient way to use a Mac OS X Dashboard widget called obfuscatr. It provides JavaScript or just plain hexadecimal encoding of your email addy.

obfuscatr was also featured in MacWorld Italy of March 2008. is a nice way to hide and protect email adress from spam bots

There are many Harvesting and Anti-harvesting methods.

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