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Get Paid iPhone Applications And Games For Free Legally

iPhone application DRM is cracked and users actively share cracked iPhone applications and games but now here is something which lets you get paid iPhone games and applications legally for free - the only thing asked in return is that you post a honest review of that application at iTunes store.

Free iPhone Games And Applications

FuelMyApp works with application developers who want quick user reviews to get good rankings in iTunes search results, application developers pay FuelMyApp to get their product reviewed by users - their are a limited number of games and applications available for now but as the word gets out expect many more.

Getting a paid iPhone application/game is a three step procedure as follows :

  1. Register and add your Appstore nickname & Paypal email address at Fuelmyapp.
  2. Browse and select a premium App to test, You need to pay for the application up-front but you will get the money back in your Paypal account once your review gets accepted at iTunes store.
  3. Now, you can move on to review the next application and get it for free.


Hi!, I have a problem in my home PC. Some times ago I use a task of Win XP in order to lock one folder of "my documents". After that, some month ago, I had a problem in the register and I met forced to use the Restore task on windows xp. Now the windows xp doesn’t allow me to unlock the folder and i cannot use the files of said folder. Have you any soft in order to unlock the folder ?? all the files inside said folder appears in green colour but I cannot open it. I was trying unsuccessfully to open said folder with some soft like the “Unlocker 1.8.7.” Could you help me ?? Many thanks in advance.

is it work?? s1 try to do it ???

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