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Apple iPhone OS 3.0 Update Preview

iPhone Firmware 3.0Finally the wait is over with Apple revealing the feature-packed iPhone Software 3.0 update preview for iPhone and iPod Touch at an special media-event, the latest update brings more then 100 new features for the end-users and includes 1000+ new API's for developers further exposing the device for creation of powerful applications.

iPhone OS 3.0

The iPhone OS 3.0 update will be available to end-users this summer and will get pushed as an free upgrade to iPhone customers, However, an one-time $9.95 upgrade fee will be levied on iPod Touch users.

New Major Features In iPhone 3.0 :

  • Full features Cut, copy, and paste functionality.
  • iPhone search feature.
  • Send photos, contacts, audio files, and location via MMS.
  • Turn-by-Turn GPS for the Google Maps application.
  • Compose and read text messages and emails in landscape mode.
  • Push notifications allowing applications to push new information to users without remaining in the memory and draining device resources.
  • Support for Stereo Bluetooth.
  • Anti-phishing and login credentials remembering features in Mobile Safari.
  • Extended parental controls to include movies, TV shows, and application downloads.
  • All new voice memo.
  • New media-player featuring automatic stream quality adjustments according to connection speed.
  • In-App Purchasing for App Store applications, demonstrated in EA's upcoming ‘The Sims 3' game for iPhone.
  • HDTV streaming for audio and video.

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Thanks for the info, will try to get my hands of this :)

Sounds great. One problem though. ipod touch users (like me) have to pay $10. That's a jerk move on apple's part.

Here is simple trick you can use to upgrade your iPod Touch without paying any upgrade fee, simply use firmware of your choice to upgrade to that version:

Upgrade iPod Touch For Free >>

Too many unknowns.

If I update my Touch to 2.2 today, will I have to pay again to upgrade to 3.0?

If I wait, would I go straight from the 1.* to the 3.0 for one purchase or will I be forced to pay for 2.2 then pay again for 3.0?

Any information out there to clarify for those, especially if you get 2.2 a couple weeks before and then find out 3.0 is available. I've not been keeping up with updates obviously (lack of internet) and would think others might be in a similar situation.


no if you wait for 3.0 you will only have to pay once

94 activations available
10 dollars

no scam just want to have paid 10 dollars istead of 100. when i will have 90 dollars in total i will give the rest free
till afternoon i will reply asap

to add: first i activate then you pay

Which version of the Baseband?

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