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iPod Touch Firmware 3.0

Installing iPhone Firmware 3.0 Beta On iPod Touch Without A Developer Account

iPod Touch Users have now found a way to install and use iPhone OS 3.0 Beta on iPod Touch without an developer account, the hack involves using the iPhone OS 3.0 Beta .IPSW restore file with iTunes blocking the applications access to internet via firewall.

The trick is that iTunes uses an active internet connection to verify whether the current device using the BETA OS is developer registered or not, if it founds non-developer registered device using the BETA OS iTunes syncing is disabled, this simple check can be easily bypassed using the hack described next.

Apple iPhone OS 3.0 Update Preview

iPhone Firmware 3.0Finally the wait is over with Apple revealing the feature-packed iPhone Software 3.0 update preview for iPhone and iPod Touch at an special media-event, the latest update brings more then 100 new features for the end-users and includes 1000+ new API's for developers further exposing the device for creation of powerful applications.

iPhone OS 3.0

The iPhone OS 3.0 update will be available to end-users this summer and will get pushed as an free upgrade to iPhone customers, However, an one-time $9.95 upgrade fee will be levied on iPod Touch users.

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