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Live Online Results Of Indian Lok Sabha Election 2009

Indian Elections 2009The biggest democracy of world has voted its mandate and the results are due 16 May 8:00 AM, all news channels will be airing the Indian Assembly Election 2009 results live the whole day, but if you are unable to watch TV or prefer results via internet here are the best websites you should visit for latest results with detailed analysis.

The best website having latest updates would be none other then the official website of Election Commission Of India, a dedicated portal for live results with full analysis is online now with sample data and will be providing live results from tomorrow morning.

Live Election Results 2009

Apart from the official portal you can get poll results, analysis and news from website listed next.

Indian Assembly Election 2009 Live Result Feed

Best Websites For Indian Poll Results Coverage 2009 :


Thanks for sharing, I hope this country needs a new leadership and NDA would me my choice, lets see.


My choice is UPA for better development of our country

Indian assemble seems to be going to UPA, I am sad as UPA is a silent government doing nothing good to country.


guys moni is the best(manmohan singh).whoever make the govt but his team needs full power to take decisions and u will see a change in india.ur next genrations will say thx to this guy.grow up and stop taking advantage on the basis of cast(i'm hindu by-the-way) but congress is the best

Mony is dummy, look here what pseudo secularism nehru family is spreading :

Congress is the best party to take and represent India the International Affairs. Definetly making the hands more powerful, will give a new boots to indian economy.

At last we had 2 see a black day on the greatest day for the Indians.
Wonder on what basis did UPA got this thumping victory!!!

Any way at least this time they have got complete majority lets c what will they do this time.. All these years they havent done anything to Indians other than the so called minorities :(

UPA and NDA both are same for me. We people need development in our country not the politician.

It is a great news that left should leave West Bengal soon after 2011.

Watch Election Results Live online 2011 on

Get to know the facts and the live results of the forthcoming Indian Assembly Elections of the five prominent states from

Narendra Modi has proven himself with his able administration of Gujarat for over a decade now and he is the most deserving of all to rule the country now..
Kejriwal has yet to prove what Modi has already proved in Gujrat. India needs an experienced, dynamic and an honest driver which undoubtedly is Narendra Modi.

I think narendra modi has some guts to rule governance ! In a short period of time, he has done many things!

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