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Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 : "The Browser You Loved To Hate" Campaign Does Change User's Mindset

IE9We are told now and then to "do away with" Internet Explorer in favor of modern web-browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, however the all new Internet Explorer 9 is in-fact a brilliant web-browser with faster start-up and page load speed, support for modern technologies and industry standards. However, we still are stick with the older mentality of IE being an obsolete web-browser, which is strictly not the case after I looked at Microsoft's "The Browser You Loved To Hate" campaign and gave the new browser a fresh try with a new mindset and it did changed the way I used to look at it.

IE 9 - The Browser You Loved To Hate

Full campaign video and website link after the jump.

The Browser You Loved To Hate :


Remove security patch KB971033 (uninstall). GOOGLE "Windows Loader", download and run, you copy will now be "Genuine and you will get all updates, Never install KB 971033. All this info. is for Win 7 Pro.

IE9 is just as bad as was 7, it is nothing but trash. I tell ALL of my customers to stay away from it as it will cause them nothing but a giant headache. It will cause many web pages to have over lapin text were one can not read or click on a link. It seems that microsoft would fix it but just like 7 they would not. They wait to come out with the next version before they have it working right

The absolute truth, the overlapping is a very serious problem that is why i very seldom use IE9, rather Firefox and Google Chrome.

Nowadays insulting IE is a trend but never really bothered about this type of comments. IE not that bad after all.

Think I was the last person to dump IE9 for Chrome, but I am glad I made the change I just wish I made it sooner. I will not be returning to IE anytime soon! Microsoft is so out of touch!

They cancelled comments :D
At least they know, that people don't really liked it. Many of them, including me, still won't. But it's a smart and nice try :)

IE9 still doesn't prevent malicious script and what not to execute themselves without your consent.

"However, we still are stick with the older mentality of IE being an obsolete web-browser"

This is similar to people saying that the Norton anti-virus is nothing but a resources hog, yet that has been fixed since the 2009 edition.

Really? you use norton still?? i like norton when they where sophos back in the days. But Now with norton going "360" its a piece of crap and it eats so much cache and resorce slowing down proformance of ever day computer. I bet your PC loads up after 10 whole min dood. I always tell my clients to stay away from norton's unless they want a slow computer, long booting time, lagging programs with lagging startup applications due to its pre scans on everything you do, click, load, startup, install, look and double click on. Best bought antivirus is kaspersky and i always recommand it to everyone i provide service to. Even with free version ofantvirus i tell them to stay away from norton and mcafee for they do not protect against malware that infect all PC world wide. I always have to carry around with me a flash drive with Malwarebyte and show how many malware infect thier system even when norton is subscripted. You might aswell tell people to use Mcafee and go watch hardcore porn like they are some 16year old with no parents home. As for IE with malicious script yeh we call them walware and trojans they infect through any Internet browser; no browser can block atleast 40% of those kind of viruses its why i always tell my clients to actually buy malwarebyte since its a malware blocker the programs has a website blocker, it blocks proxy that can infect PC and is known to be sensative to certain websites.

Firefox can; it's called NoScript.

Because, for real, IE sucks big balls. So many websites just won't load at all, not to mention resource usage when you have many tabs open (like 3 or more ;PP).

So get real, get sandboxed, get Chrome.

Period and... Peace!


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None of them are any better -.- Ive used them all from firefox to oprea and google chrome, roadrunner, IE. They all have thier ups and downs but none of them are any better then each other. I personally use IE when im browsing and on FB or Youtube. I use firefox when im torrenting or steaming. I use googlechrome not to often after several crashes.

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