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Apple Patent For Identifying Unauthorized Users Of An Electronic Device By Analyzing Their Heartbeats And Other Snooping Methods

Although Jailbreaking is now officially legal Apple is not ready to accept the fact and want to detect any attempt of "..hacking the electronic device, jailbreaking the electronic device, unlocking the electronic device, removing a SIM card from the electronic device.." as evident from the "United States Patent Application" by Apple Inc., the patent seems to be aimed at detecting illegal use of an electronic device and than notifying the owner of the electronic device about the unauthorized user by sending an alert through any suitable medium but the above line do raise serious concerns about Apple's intentions.

Apart from the detection of an jailbroken phone other privacy concerns can also not be ignored as the patent filing reveals Apple will be using screenshots, microphone, keylogs, communications packets served, and most shockingly users heartbeats to identify illegal use.

The full patent filing can be accessed at -, Via : MuscleNerd .


Apple can never stop jail break.
If Apple know to make iPhone .. than we know to break it.

How can dummy play god like and at the same time
be able to contract cancer let alone charge an outrageous price for his ( their) device and then tell you how you are going to use it... Sooner or latter the people will respond. Then the god that would will be dead, dead, dead....

While jailbreaking is legal now in the US, it will be illegal here in Canada, if Harper has his way.
So there may be a method to Apple's madness after all.

I really don't know what you talk about legal/illegal just crack that soft/hardware, download shit you dont pay anything for or wank to your free internet p@r4. But if you whine about apple here, you seriously got no nerves...

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