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How To Grab A Cheap Legit Windows 7 or 8 License Now For Free Upgrade to Windows 10

If you have a PC, like any Windows user out there, I’m sure you are looking forward to the release of Windows 10 as much as the rest of us (especially since Microsoft announced that anyone with a Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 license will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free)! This is excellent news, even for holders of pirated licenses as they will also be eligible for upgrades, although their upgrades will be non-genuine.

If you missed the $14.99 offer for Windows 8 from Microsoft, with the prices of legitimate Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 licenses steadily dropping, now is as better time than ever to purchase a license with a view of modernizing, upgrading or legitimizing your current Windows license. Before you do so, however, you should check that your computer system will be able to accommodate Windows 10 as per minimum requirements.

Cheap Microsoft Windows Activation Keys

Once you’ve ensured that your PC will be able to handle Windows 10, you’ll probably want to scour the Internet (or your local computer stores) for the best Windows license bargains. Don’t worry, we have already done the work for you and this is what we have found in terms of the best deals (as well as some to avoid!).

  1. Amazon : Always, a first stop for many people, Amazon is a great place to shop for PC consumables. Although you need to do some serious digging around the site, if you have the patience, you could eventually pick up an “open-box” offer for as little as $30. However, Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 licenses range from $30 to $100 so you need to search far and wide the site to find what you want!
  2. G2A : This website is considered as one of the largest global marketplaces for marked down steam-keys. While you will be able to pick up a Windows 8 license for as little as $22, you won’t find any Windows 7 licenses.
  3. Bonanza : Bonanza is really the unsung hero if you’re shopping for online IT merchandise as you could receive your license key within an hour of purchasing it. Windows 7 and 8 license keys are available for around $35 which is not bad for such great service.
  4. MicrosoftSoftwareSwap : A subsection of Reddit, this website enables you to swap Microsoft software at really amazing prices (eg. for as low as $10, you can pick up Windows 7 Home Basic). Not only can you swap, but you can also buy new licenses.
  5. Pricegrabber : This another site to consider but they are on the expensive side, offering Windows 7 licenses at $60 and Windows 8 at $70.

When shopping online for Windows licenses, always try to avoid sites that look dodgy. There are a few known scamsters out there, such as MrHighTech, Pay4VIP and WINDOWS7ANYTIMEKEY. If your seller is based in China, it may be worth double-checking that they are legitimate (we are not saying that all Chinese sellers are illegitimate, but the region has unfortunately had a rather bad reputation of late).

Good luck!


Don't forget about the source called, a "Street Price Search Engine" for computer components and software.

"This is excellent news, even for holders of pirated licenses as they will also be eligible for upgrades, although their upgrades will be non-genuine." nice but I'd like to see official source for that since the news I heard stated the exact opposite ... and

So if they think you are using a "non genuine" copy you'll get "non genuine" W10, but if they think yours is genuine you'll get e genuine W10 - nice on paper but very problematic to do in reality ... enter false positives ... and that is only on the desktop now consider the laptop and tablet market where all devices use the same OEM key and we get many "non genuine" copies that are indistinguishable from genuine ones.

Microsoft FPP Product keys are sensitive case, Because Microsoft provide it for only one system at the same time, I was need the windows 7 key for my laptop to upgrade from home premium to professional, So I contact to Microsoft but they denied to give me a sigle fpp key, So I search all over the world to purchase it.
Recently, I ordered at a site from India, They provided me 3 windows 7 pro oem keys with their stickers and 2 windows 8.1 pro oem keys, Which is legal and working good. I'm happy after getting so cheap oem license.
You can also get an unused Windows 7(any version)8, 8.1 pro License keys.
Otherwise, FPP keys are very costly, Usually it come with full package with DVD media, So I suggest to buy oem keys, Which has branded from Dell, Hp, Lenovo etc, As its mean "Original Equipment Manufacturer" Goods.

Hi, i offer legal oem new and genuine license Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Home, Home Premium, Professional and genuine new retail license (must register in MS Accout with order key and download full legal version) MS Office 2010/2013/2016/365: Home Student, Home Business, Professional, Business Premium.

How much windows 7 pro? Can u ship to philippines? I want to buy 20 pcs. Is it genuine with stickers?

want buy

Require two sets of win 7 home basic oem , genuine license key for new acer laptops.
suggest availability and price.

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