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KwiClick - The Faster And Smarter Way To Search On Firefox

Anything which makes searching the web fast and efficient is a must have on my computer, and firefox addon kwiClick just made entry into that list. What kwiClick does is that it saves your time by delivering search results from your favorite services directly to you - without opening new tabs or navigating between pages while searching, thanks to the innovative and sleek in-tab window. The user just need to highlight any text and they can initiate the instant smart search via the intelligent search clover which appears above the selected text, having support for services like Google, Twitter, YouTube, FriendFeed, Google Maps, Flickr, Wikipedia, Amazon, Technorati, Veoh, Howcast, Live Video, Viddler, Yahoo,, and many more this addon packs quite a punch. Images, features and video demonstration with download link after the jump.


kwClick Features :

  • Simple and Fast Search - Results from your favorite services are delivered directly to you, so there is no need to open tabs or go back and forth.
  • Socially Aware - Share videos and images you find around the web with your friends with just two simple clicks. Works with dozens of services.
  • Pinned Videos - Watch videos from all the major video sites including YouTube,, vimeo and more. Keep a floating video panel while you surf around.
  • Smart Instant Maps - Turn any address you find into an interactive map instantly. Share the map with friends, and email it to yourself with ease.
  • Real-time search - See what people are talking about right now on Twitter. Search any topic, from any person with ease. Finally a tool that brings twitter to you.
Search Clover In Same Tab Search Results

Super Handy Pinned Video Feature

Firefox Addon kwClick Video Demonstration
Download Here:



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