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Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 4 Available For Download

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is showing some steady and impressive progress as the development cycle is inching towards a public beta release, Microsoft is emphasizing support for modern web on IE9 platform capable of delivering rich HTML5 experience that feel more like native applications than websites - supporting hardware-accelerated SVG, canvas, audio, video,and text, IE9 will be harnessing full potential of the PC to achieve best performance.

To further strengthen the ultimate goal of an fast, modern, web-browser IE9's fourth developer preview is now available for download with support for fully hardware-accelerated HTML5 and new test-drive demos showing modern SVG and native JavaScript integration in action.

Internet Explorer 9 Preview 4

A comprehensive preview with detailed explanations of new features and comparisons with other web-browsers is posted at the official IE Team MSDN blog here - .


test.,i want to test ie 9.4,

I've read some very good things about this browser and I'd love to take some of the features for a test drive. The problem is - it doesn't work with XP, and since MS is hot to leave XP behind, the final release may not support it either. Support for XP has been asked about enough for two variations of the question to make it in to the ten FAQ's, but they aren't giving any indications either way. The only reply is a sort of verbal pat on the head and shrug. Ah,well.. I guess I'll have to join the modern world sooner than I thought.

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