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Microsoft Office 14 Screenshots !

MS Office 14 LogoA probable concept screenshot of Microsoft Office 14 is now leaked out from a powerpoint presentation hosted at Microsoft servers, Microsoft has not declared any release dates or roadmap for the next version of Microsoft Office but speculation is that Microsoft Office 14 will get released in 2010.

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Microsoft Office 14

As you can see the new design has refined ribbon interface with image controls in status-bar, the screenshot seems to be of Grava - a utility for educational content creators which is rumored to be a part of MS Office 14.

Microsoft Office 14

Microsoft Office 14

Microsoft Office 14

Microsoft Office 14

Thanks to our reader Mudit for sending these screenshots.


why bother?


just ONE screenshot and these are clearly UI tests....

This screenshot is so fake... look here:
for the REAL screenshots...

If it's still got the Ribbon, they can stuff it. I didn't spend 15 years learning the elegant, usable, highly configurable Menu + Toolbar interface so I could instantly switch to something far less usable and far less flexible just because some idiot at Microsoft tells me to.

The fact that new versions of Office don't seem to be adding any actual new features is an extra disincentive.

thank you;ser.

thank you;ser.

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