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Google's Project Glass is once again up for grabs, and if this future technology of revolutionary vision excites you, here is your chance to get one from Google.

The Google Glass

Google Glass, could be the revolutionary wearable computer which would change the very fundamental how we interact with computers today. Google Glass features a small transparent display which hangs out above the users eye acting like an HUD (heads-up-display) displaying notifications, images, videos, and other items pulling data from internet; the gadget interacts with the user via voice commands and speech synthesis. This is not all, the attached camera can also be used to shoot excellent point-of-view (POV) photos and videos with instant sharing using voice commands.

Visit, to see what Google Glass is capable of doing. To get your own during the limited quantity (8000 only) pre-order session, you will need to shell out $1500 and try your luck by following the instructions here -


how can i win this glasses?

If I had Google glass I would be able to be with the one that lives so far away and always holds my heart, my wife

Working in black hole environment is nothing can see. I wish to get VPN to see the world.

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