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Laptop Weight Increasing With Data !!

You gotta help him....

Funny Computer Joke


Apologies if this is the incorrect area for this question.

I've noticed that as I copy data/install programs on my Laptop, the weight of the Laptop increases. I have a bad back and am medically limited on the amount of weight I can carry so I need to be very carefull not to inflict injury upon myself.

I have also noticed my XBox feels heavier as well (the more games I save or purchase from arcade). I generally don't travel with my XBox so that is not an issue for me, but note the I am having the same results.

My ask, what is the weight/file ratio? So for example, how many GB's = 6oz? I dread the day I need a dolly to commute to work with my Laptop.

Thanks in advance!
- K

Source : Microsoft Answers


lol WTF? is that true?

I am A+ certified and have NEVER heard anyone ask this question in my life.

Also, I'm surprised that no one has answered your question after SEVEN MONTHS. Therefore, here is your answer from a computer expert:

Your hard drives in the XBOX and computer work magnetically. They are made up of platters coated with a magnetic substance. When the computer or XBOX reads and writes data to the drive, all it does is just rearranges the molecules already on the drive to represent 1s and 0s. Therefore, there is no possible way that the weight of the hard drive can increase.

An empty hard drive will weigh the SAME as a full hard drive, as those magnetic molecules will still be there. They will just be oriented one way to represent all zeroes (a truly empty drive) and another way to represent your data with various 1s and 0s (such as 11100101111001111101011101).

I am sorry that you have a bad back, but laptops only weigh about 4 to 8 pounds on average (depending on model and features ----- battery is usually the heaviest part). An XBOX only weights about 9 pounds. Why don't you try lifting some small 5 to 10 pound weights daily? Then after about a month or so, when you lift your laptop and/or XBOX again, you'll be like, "Hey! This isn't so bad after all!"

Your information is correct, only difference is that no molecules are re-arranged but simply charges that is magnetic north or south are changed.

Is it true or are you mad?


Judging from his name that's probably just a joke!

Greetings. The weight to file ratio is generally 1000 to 1. Unless of course you backup online... then you can have thousands of pounds of data without having to carry it everywhere you go.


Obviously, someone is playing a joke over the net.

well, bro, is it April 1st today??

god i hope some one answers this for the guy i have been wonderin that for years

dude. digital data doesn't add physical weight. epic fail...

This has got to be the stupidest question I have ever seen. Just let me ask you this; Which weighs more, a pound of information or a pound of stupidity?

yes it does, so don't save images containing fat ppl

hey, may be you should screw open your laptop and remove some data... i assume the data is the codeword you use for the dirt/dust or the drops of food that you eat when you network

the most failed topic I've ever seen lol makes me laugh so hard


This is a real post :D
and there are answers, funny!!!!

if that is the case.. your brain should be weighing 1000 f-----g tons a---le...

a simple answer to the above question is no,a very definite NO .Why ? Data is written in a pattern on the hard disk material ( note i am using ONLY layman terms ) and there is no addition of any new physical material.Only the arrangement of the physical material is done in a particular manner that comes across as specific data when read by an optical device.No addition of any physical material means weight remains the same.Now can the weight of the hard disc actually decrease with years of usage ? yes , just like all material that runs or is used it does tend to loose minute amounts over time, but i guess then nobody bothered to check that out !

When you're in a laboratory, and mark your test tube with a marker, does it gain weight?
When you have a new realization about your life, and you understand a universe of ideas that you weren't aware before, does your brain gain weight?
when a neutrino crosses a sea of Higgs particles, does it gain weight?

All these questions can be answer by the LHC, the Largest Hadron Collision setup en CERN. Ask them.

A concerned citizen for the health of people who ask this type of questions.

This guy's stupidty levels are OVER 9000!!!!

the answers are wonderfully intelligently stupid ... I love it ... John B

I have an external hard drive and I Have Noticed that it does feel heaver the more I put on so I will video tape me putting 30GB on my external hard drive when it is on a scale to prove or disprove this issue once and for all I will post a link to it on youtube soon. :-)


Well, it subjetively does, as the dipole moment of the hdd magnetic molecules switch from same moment to different moments the repulsion by the electrostatic earth field decreases, so the overall force you have to exert upwards is higher.
Besides as air contaminants start to enter the hdd after it is installed and the hdd heats up with usage this contaminants get sticked to the hdd case, incrising its weight.

-How to write science papers.

delete all images of heavy vehicles, overweight people or any such huge structures....this will help u a lot!!!

If you use smaller fonts on the documents you write, you can save space on the hard drive too

I think so, it's very difficult but it can be done from laptop professionals.

This is such a serious question! I think this question can be answered only by conducting expermients at LHC... :-D :-D :-D

Ohk bro, now listen. ADDING DATA TO THE MEMORY WILL NEVER EVER INCREASE THE WEIGHT OF THE MEMORY (And if it does, then probably you have discovered a new phenomenan, go get yourself a Nobel Prize).

I will explain you in simple language.

Everything you have on your laptop, or PC, or your gaming console is written in the laguage of zeros and ones (on and off states). And no matter how you store the "information", all you have got to do is to find a way to respresent these on and off states so that the computer can distinguish between them.

In computer it is done on your hard drive via electromagnetic means. You know that a magnet has two poles right? These two poles are used to respresent on and off states in your hard-drive. Say, North for On, and South for off. And due to Faraday's laws of induction, it is very easy to distinguish between a south oriented and a north oriented magnet (They produce currents in opposite direction when a coil is set in motion near them)

In your hard drive there are millions of these small magnets which can either be arranged as North to South, or South to North.

Now, let me ask you, will a magnet kept in north south direction weigh more than the one kept in south-north direction? The thing that stores the data in you laptop is ALREADY THERE, it just their arrangement that represents the data.

Now you may ask, what about the things we download from internet? Look, suppose u have a wireless dongle, or Wi-fi. Then the information you download is sent in the form of light (The light is so red, so so so red, that its redder than red and you cant see that with this Human eye of urs. Its called Infrared. Mircrowave to be precise).

These light singnals simply tell your hard-drive memory how to arrange themselves. THEY DONT ADD ANYTHING TO YOUR COMPUTER. (And just for you extra knowledge- All the wireless things in this world work simply on light. But you cant see it because the light is either redder than red, or bluer than blue)

And if you are using a telephone line modem, the same thing is done with the means of wires. Electrical signals tell you hard-drive magnets how to arrange themselves.

Same thing applies to CD. They use groves to represent On and off state. When u insert a CD in you CD-ROM a laser if beamed at it and the disk is spun. Where there are groves, the light gets diffracted and the computer knows that it is in On state, and where there are not, light doesnt gets diffracted and thats called the off state.

Hope I cleared all you doubts. Of anymore, you can always contact me at

-Arnav Ramkrishnan

Ill Give you an Example.

1. Check your weight and mark it in a paper
2. Shave your head completely
3. Now take the weight and compare it you will get an answer for all the questions.

a simple answer to the above question is no,a very definite NO .Why ? Data is written in a pattern on the hard disk material ( note i am using ONLY layman terms ) and there is no addition of any new physical material.

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