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All New Rapidshare.Com - New Design, New Features, New Download Limits !!

RapidshareFile-sharing service Rapidshare today unveiled there new logo and website design with new features, the new site is more appealing to the eyes and provides a much better experience in terms of usability, from now on "Rapidshare Premium Users" will be able to download 50 GB in five days instead of the earlier 25 GB limit, "Rapidshare Folders" is now "Rapidshare Link List" and has a new seprate administration for Free Users, "Rapidshare Direct Download" is now "TrafficShare", Rapidshare is also expectd to release new features in the upcoming days, a rapidshare search feature would be really helpful.

Rapidshare Download

New Rapidshare Premium Zone
Rapidshare Premium


New rapidshare is COMPLETELY broken. What were they thinking?

You can send the Bug reports at and earn rapidshare points:

A big project like this aways involves errors slipping in. That's why we need your help! Did we miss something? Did you experience a bug regarding user guidance or programming? Tell us about it! The sender of the first mail we receive reporting a particular bug will be rewarded with 1.000 RapidPoints, accredited to his or her account. If you do not have an account yet, we will create one for you using the RapidPoints you won. You can also donate your points to somebody's account.

thank a lot

Am I the only one unhappy with the new Rapidshare interface?

Each time I log on, I have to expand the "Overview of the Account."

I can't see how many times my files have been downloaded -- when it was last downloaded.

To see my files, I have to go to the specific folder.

Same here, you can send your suggestions to them, I am pretty sure that this will surely will be addressed in the next rapidshare update.

i have a problem with new
i cant download at rapidshare with dap !!!!!!!


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