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Rapidshare Future In Danger - German Court Orders File-Hoster To Remove Copyrighted Content Proactively

Rapidshare LogoIn an on-going legal battle with GEMA, Rapidshare received an huge blow when a German court ruled that Rapidshare.Com is not doing enough to stop uploading of copyrighted content on their servers, The court said that the steps taken by Rapidshare using MD5 Hash based content filtering to block previously removed material is not enough and can easily be bypassed changing a few bytes by adding/removing/altering the file contents, the court also said that the company has to "proactively check content before publishing it", according to the court ruling Rapidshare should also log and check IP numbers of potential copyright infringers.

Without a viable business model after removing copyrighted content, Rapidshare might face shutdown as there is no Safe Harbor provision in German copyright laws similar to the DMCA, which protects them from liability as long as they remove the infringing content after being notified with a takedown notice.


This sucks..kinda...
but f*** rapidshare..
thats what happens when you put high caps on download speeds..
and make people wait 100 seconds b4 you can download things..
Shut that shit down..
-Omega Blaze

if you cant afford the money they ask, just dont use it! this doesnt mean that they have to shut it down! rapidshare is a European service provider, and as you "may" know we dont belong to the Usa, and your STUPID LAWS dont apply here! this is a free continent!
have a nice day!

well, i can tell you the same: if you dont have the money to pay for the copyrighted material, just dont use it and consequently, dont need to use rapidshare ;)

A lot of people in Germany, France and other European countries can't use P2P software easily.. so rapidshare is their only way of getting warez.

Actually, I don't sympathize with Rapidshare one bit. On October 23, they reduced their service levels by 75% from 10gb/day to 2.7gb/day and are still charging the same price. Previously, you could potentially have downloaded up to 310gb/mth. Now, you can only download a maximum of 80gb/mth.

I won't use their services anymore. They are deceiving people. It's them who makes monies of the illegal content uploaded to their servers. Hope they get closed down.

We'll just move on to the next big thing.

BTW, what is the next big thing?

No matter what you all say, especially the american moron (shut up you american gangster - here is Europe), Rapidshare is good.
You pay a little - you take too much.
In case you want everything for free you are a scum.
You don't want to pay for the burglars, i.e. the Music Industrie, who charges 25 E for a CD with 10 insipid songs. OK.
You don't want to pay instead these 25 E for getting thousands of songs and movies from Rapidshare.
Then who TF you think you are?
Do you, yourself, work unsalaried?
Do you accept going working for nothing?

Rapidshare gives you the right to download FREELY copyrighted material.
You have just to wait 45 secs for this. So what?

All the talk comes from utterly spoiled children who have got used with idea that everything in life is for free.
Well, boys, NO.
Someone pays for your own lunches - now it's your daddy.
Respect other people's work.

Your right of course. The laborer is worthy of his hire.

Your right of course. The laborer is worthy of his hire.

Your right of course. The laborer is worthy of his hire.

If you are so much for respecting other people's work, why are you defending the download of illegal material, which is most of what is on Rapidshare? You may think that you pay Rapidshare and that gives you the right to download illegal stuff, but it does not. Illegal files on Rapidshare are just that: illegal. Paying Rapidshare does not give you the right to have those files. You are not paying the copyright owner of that file. If you download those files then you are expecting all those musicians, artists, engineers, designers and everyone else involved in the production of that song, to work for FREE! GET A CLUE! And, for your information, 'copyright' means you have the right to copy after you pay a royalty fee. Otherwise, you have no right to copy, distribute and share such file.

I see GEMA is being annoying in the sense of requiring all stuff uploaded to be monitored. But what about user rights? Does that means that GEMA Righs come over user rights?

Users must also have a right to upload private stuff, if they use these kind of services is because they don't want to make their files publicly available to everybody, only to those they give the download links to.

I want to thank all of you that thinks I am scum because I don't pay to download from Rapidshare. This is very hurtful, since I do not pay not by choice. I am disabled and live on Social Secuity Disability, and as you know here in the U.S. Disability does not allow you to work and make any more money than what is provided, other wise, you have your isability cut by the amount you make. My budget is very tight so I am unable to pay for anything extra, this includes hamburgers at a fast food. I guess I am scum (as it has been said) for having a disability, and for that I apoligize to you all.

My Rapidshare membership is due soon. Are there any deadlines being set by the court? I don't want to just kiss mt money goodbye...

I see how quickly your whole persona changed when somebody called you on your stinking attitude. I myself am not disabled, but my partner is and I know only too well just how difficult life can be. What you have to remember is that words on a screen do not show who you really are and if you make utterly ridiculous comments like you did before, then any other person reading this has a right to respond. Grow up and admit that you were in fact in the wrong to begin with and move on.

Just because you are on disability, doesn't mean that Rapidshare owes you free access. Get a clue.

Désolé les gars, mais RS c'est génial. Et j'espère que RS restera toujours en ligne.

Pierre, a frenchie

No US Resident can directly give them Master Card or Visa. We must use the INFAMOUS "PayPal" or drive over to our bank, authorize an additional "transfer fee" of $15.00 and have the funds transfred to them.

Yes: shut it down.

I am a Rapidshare use since the .de it was good but there were no limits for the download .what am talking about todays is the Trafficshare actually i have nothing to share with people but i want alot of stuff so Rapidshare please please remover the downlaod trafficshare this option is sucks when you let people download more as much as you force people to get more accounts trust me and thank you anyway...

Hasan - Syria

If I was running Rapidshare I would just move my servers to another, more liberal country.

"if u dont have money, dont use rapidshare" i dont agree with this. of coz every free users can afford that cheap premium account. its juz that paying rapidshare who take advantage of illegal files does not seem to be a very good idea.not to mention the download limit as premium user. lets forget rapidshare. i hate those .rar parts, as a free user. switch to MEGAUPLOAD! register free. wait time is only 25 seconds per file. u can download whole movie at one click, if its uploaded as 700MB file. i have downloaded 25 movies via megaupload as FREE USER. believe me, 2.5 hours per movie, man. THINK SMART, people. PAY SMART..

Long live p2p, rapidshare will burn in hell :D


If I pay with PayPal is it legal?Can I be arrested if I pay premium account for the rapidshare?

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