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Siri Ported To Older Phones Like Apple iPhone 4 And 3GS !

Siri has been the top feature in Apple iPhone 4S and is not available officially and legally on older Apple phones like iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, hackers have been trying to get a perfect port of the technology to older devices and it seems the progress is good. In some good development on the porting front a video has not been uploaded to Youtube showing Siri working on an Apple iPhone 3GS - full video after the jump.

Siri Port


This trick is now old.
Almost a month

Can u show the one month link,

i tried several 3Gs,3G but failed

can u show the exact post before which
has a 100% probability ?

you can download h1siri from cydia but you have to first add some sources
search HOW TO INSTALL H1SIRI ON IPHONE 3GS on google and then tell me
BUT LISTEN all the port till now are ILLEGAL

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