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iPhone 3GS With New Bootrom Running iOS 4 Jailbreaked Using Sn0wBreeze

If you are stuck with an iPhone 3GS having newer bootrom (iBoot v 359.3.2) and want it to be jailbreaked here is some great news for you - iH8sn0w Sn0wBreeze utility will soon be upgraded to support tethered jailbreak (meaning you will have to re-jailbreak if your iPhone reboots) of iPhone 3GS having iBoot v 359.3.2. The only catch is that you must have your iOS 3.1.2 ECID saved as you will need to downgrade for this to work.

The demo videos shows an unreleased version of Sn0wBreeze with an iBoot manipulation utility iBooty 4.0 to get the task done.

Download Links Of Jailbreaking Utilities For iPhone 3GS With iOS4 And Newer iBoot v 359.3.2 :

Links will be updated once they go live.

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