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iPad 2, Motorola Xoom And Samsung Galaxy Tablets Drop Tested On Video

Want to know which tablet fairs best when dropped from waist height, here's is a video with answer to the question on how The Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy and the iPad 2 survives the drop-test - video after the jump.

Computer Tablets Drop Tested


omg they are all crap.

They are marketed as ""handheld devices"".

Of course they will be dropped at some point.

Engineering FAiL

stfu, they are "handheld" devices not impact resistant devices, they are made for holding them in our hands. By the way, it would cost a lot more expensive if they are impact resistant

Wouldn't it actually be more resistant, not to mention cheaper, to use a plastic-like surface for the screen instead of glass?

Fact is , any device that is handheld , will probably be dropped.

Everybody has dropped something at some point. If you are carrying your devices for 4-5 hours a day... It will most likely be dropped.

When dropped the devices smash and fall apart.

THATS A FACT , watch the video.

I wont ""STFU"" , because broken devices make you happy , or you are prepared to accept it.

They don't make me happy. I WILL NOT accept it.

THEY FAIL at being handheld devices. ( to be used for hours every day )

*** note ***

iPhones fail too. Everyone I know with iphones (about 8-10 people) have shatterd their screen at some point.

Handheld things fall. Reality.

As the name suggests they are supposed to be held in your hand.I would agree if they made the name handdropping devices.

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