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RipDev Releases New iPhone Anti-Piracy System

RipDevRipDev has released a new iPhone anti-piracy system to prevent iPhone Applications and Games from getting cracked by Crackulous, named Kali Anti-Piracy the service lets iPhone developers protect their work from getting cracked and pirated, the Kali anti-piracy system is a server-side service allowing developers to wrap their applications using the anti-piracy wrapper for protection from crackers, RipDev team also assured that underground hacker communities and trends will get constantly monitored to make sure that Kali anti-piracy system remains effective and uncrackable.

Apple iPhone and iPod Touch Cracked Applications and Games Now Possible

CrackulousApple iPhone and iPod Touch Games and applications purchased via the iTunes Store are protected with DRM and can only be used on a single device they were purchased for, but not anymore as Crackulous the one-click iPhone application cracker is here, the free application allows users to crack the protection and use application/games purchased via the iTunes Store on as many devices as you like, once installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch you can crack any game or application that you purchased via iTunes Store using a simple to use GUI, once cracked the decrypted .IPA files will get saved at /var/mobile/media/DecryptedIPAs/, from where it can be downloaded via SSH and shared with your friends or community.

iPhone Cracked Games

To install Crackulous use the simple instructions as follows :

iTunes 8.0 And A New Cheaper And Sleeker iPod Version

Kevin Rose - founder of Digg is claiming to have knowledge of upcoming revamped iPod models and iTunes 8.0 software with lots of new features, in a blog post Kevin also posted pictures of rumored new version of iPod Nano.

New iPod Nano

Kevin is claiming to have knowledge of following rumors:

How To Downgrade iPhone Firmware v 2.0 To Earlier Versions

Bricked iPhoneIf you upgraded to the latest iPhone firmware version 2.0 by mistake and bricked your iPhone or don't like the new upgrade here are simple to follow step by step instructions to restore iPhone or iPod Touch to an earlier firmware of your choice.

  1. Uninstall iTunes 7.7 and Install iTunes 7.5.
  2. Connect your phone to computer via USB.
  3. Turn off the phone.
  4. Place your phone in DFU mode (Device Firmware Upgrade) as described below:
  • Push and hold Home and Power buttons on your phone simultaneously for 10 seconds.
  • Release the Power button but keep holding Home until the computers beeps recognizing the USB device.
  • You should be in DFU mode now.
  • Download and save your desired iPhone and iPod Firmware Version Files.
  • Now go ahead with the restore to your desired iPhone firmware using iTunes 7.5, to do so simply Hold down Shift key and press the Restore button in iTunes.
    Restore iPhone
  • Select your iPhone restore file to continue.
  • Once restored you can Jailbreak and Unlock your iPhone using various other methods.
  • Here are the video instructions for the steps above.

    ZiPhone - Hack Your iPhone Or iTouch Under A Minute

    Unlock iPhone

    ZiPhone is a free and open source utility to hack or jailbreak Apples's iTouch or iPhone, removing all the restrictions imposed by the original firmware, Available in both Windows and Mac flavors, the utility is the fastest and most easy to use method to jailbreak iPhone and iTouch.

    New 32GB iPod Touch Launched By Apple

    Just in time for Valentine's day Apple has announced 32GB version of iPod Touch, with this latest offering iPod Touch is now available in 8, 16 & 32 GB variants.

    Apple iTouch 32 GB

    The iPod Touch (iTouch) series of iPod is similar to iPhone minus the phone capabilities, having Multi-Touch interface, 3.5-inch widescreen full color display, Wi-Fi connectivity and pre-installed applications for services like web-browsing, YouTube, Mail, Stocks, Weather, Notes, iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, Maps etc. iTouch is the gadget to go for this year.

    ourTunes - Share Your iTunes Files

    ourTunes is a java based open-source cross-platform application to share MP3 & AAC music files over a shared network, ourTunes allows users to connect to other iTunes on the network and share files, the software is quite popular now with more then 3,000,000 downloads.

    iTunes Alternative

    iTunes does allow music sharing to a maximum of five users every 24 hours to connect and listen to the music of another user who has enabled sharing on a given subnetwork, However, ourTunes allows users to download music files to their own computer and provides the functionality to search through the songs from all connected hosts. ourTunes cannot download music purchased from the iTunes Music Store. unlike other P2P clients you cannot share your files over internet.

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