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Blackra1n Screenshots Released; Better One Click Jailbreaking Utility appuloha1l Launching Today

GeoHot's much awaited one tool to rule them all Blackra1n seems to be releasing soon is now released (see full post for Blackra1n direct download links) hours after GeoHot made GUI and icon screenshot's public on twitter, however, things are getting quite exciting as a better more advanced one-click jailbreaking utility for all versions and generations of iPhone/iPod Touch is coming our way today dubbed appuloha1l, the author's claim appuloha1l to be more advanced then blackra1n as its capable of jailbreaking untethered iPod Touch 3rd generation and is seven seconds faster then blackra1n for jailbreaking (blackra1n takes 30 seconds to jailbreak, while appuloha1l takes 23 seconds to jailbreak).

Blackra1n User Interface
Blackra1n On iPhone

Blackra1n - All In One Jail-breaking Utility By GeoHot

iPhone jailbreak scene is getting very exciting with new emerging software tools promising easier and safe jailbreaking experience, after announcement of Sn0wBreeze from iH8sn0w famous iPhone hacker GeoHot has now announced a single jailbreaking utility for all Apple iPhone range of devices from iPod Touch to iPhone 3G/3GS; dubbed blackra1n the jailbreaking utility is expected to get launched soon and official domain

Get Paid iPhone Applications And Games For Free Legally

iPhone application DRM is cracked and users actively share cracked iPhone applications and games but now here is something which lets you get paid iPhone games and applications legally for free - the only thing asked in return is that you post a honest review of that application at iTunes store.

Free iPhone Games And Applications

iPhone Dev Team Score Again With Release Of PwnageTool 3.1

With Chronic Dev Team's progress reports on iPhone OS 3.1 exploit and Jailbreak everybody was expecting them to take the lead with Greenpois0n jailbreaking utility coming before iPhone Dev Team release's their updated PwnageTool 3.1 compatible with Apple's latest 3.1 firmware update, however, the iPhone Dev Team has now once again taken the lead by releasing an updated version of PwnageTool 3.1 for MacOS X - the updated utility lets users jailbreak iPhone OS 3.1 by creating an custom IPSW file without updating the baseband and hence retaining the Ultrasn0w unlock and jailbreak.

The bad news is that the current release of PwnageTool 3.1 is available only for Mac OS X and supports iPhone 1st Generation (2G), iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch 1G only - that means no jailbreak for Windows and iPhone 3GS/iPod Touch 2G/iPod Touch 3G users as of now.

iPhone OS 3.1 Jailbreak On Horizon, Chronic Dev Team Takes The Lead With Greenpois0n

Much awaited iPhone OS 3.1 Jailbreak seems to be on the horizon but this time instead of the usual iPhone Dev Team, Chronic Dev Team seems to be taking the crown for 3.1 jailbreak as hints on their coming jailbreaking utility Greenpois0n start appearing on internet, the Chronic Dev Team earlier tweeted that iPhone OS 3.1 is still vulnerable and they are working on a jailbreak - now to make things more interesting they have posted a video showing proof-of-concept demonstrating the exploit working on iPod Touch 3G (video after the jump), they have named the exploit Greenpois0n and the site is already online waiting to be updated with a working jailbreak for iPhone OS 3.1 ;).

Greenpois0n Jailbreak Exploit

Download iPhone OS Update 3.1

iPod And iPhone Firmware Update 3.1

Finally, links to download iPod Touch and iPhone OS 3.1 are live and users can download them right now either automatically via iTunes or direct links provided at end of the post, the update is free for all iPhone users and iPod Touch users having firmware version 3.0 - it seems iPod touch users having older firmware version needs to pay $4.95 for getting iPod Touch OS 3.1.

iPod Touch 3.1 Update

The software upgrade fixes quite some issues and bugs and introduces new features as follows.

iTunes 9 Finally Here

iTunes 9 LogoApple's 'It's only rock and roll' event is live right-now and as expected there are some major announcements coming our way, first as expected iPhone OS 3.1 is announced as a free upgrade for existing iPhone/iPod Touch 3.0 users available from today - as already warned if you own a unlocked iPhone don't rush and push that tempting upgrade button in iTunes.

In some other exciting news iTunes 9 is soon going to be available for download with lots of new exciting features being unveiled right now.

Apple iTunes 9

Apart from a visually revamped iTunes store their is quite a lot offered into this major update as follows.

Fixing iTunes Store Error - 3259 Resulting in Failed Downloads

Apple iTunes is an versatile software and like any other complex software is prone to errors and compatibility issues, one of the most common iTunes store error would be -3259 download error.

iTunes Store Error -3259

The error occurs when iTunes is unable to communicate with server because of network or permission error, you are shown one of the following error :

Best Free Utility To Clean Your iTunes Music Library

meta-iPodIf you use iTunes you must be experiencing issues like duplicate tracks, dead media links and tracks without meta-information in your music-library, sadly iTunes does not provide a proper way to get rid of these issues easily and we have to rely on third-party utilities like Teridons iTunes Script to declutter your iTunes media library, now a better and easier to use free alternative is available which lets you not only remove missing and duplicate tracks but also auto-rate and fetch missing meta-information for your music collection.

meta-iPod could be considered as an swiss-army knife for iTunes with all the must-have functionality to clean your iTunes music library, the software is very easy to use and is actively developed with new features getting added fast.

iTunes Music Library Cleaner

Fixing Firmware File Could Not Be Found Error In iTunes

iTunes can sometimes get on your nerves displaying confusing error messages without providing proper explanation even when help button is clicked, something similar occurred when my iPod firmware got corrupted and I used the Restore function in iTunes but to my surprise iTunes displayed error - "The iPod BNB could not be restored because the firmware file could not be found." , I allowed iTunes to check internet for firmware download but the error persisted.

iTunes Displaying iPod Firmware Error

This issue is caused when you have firmware files already downloaded in iTunes cache location but it gets corrupted, instead of allowing you to download a fresh copy of the firmware our not so smart iTunes keeps showing this error, to fix the error simply follow the solution next.

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