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New Firefox Extension 'Cluster Tabs' Promises Efficient Way To Get Rid Of Tab Overload

Tab overload and its performance impact on system is a big annoyance most Firefox users experience, While there have been Firefox extensions like TooManyTabs to get rid of this tab-overload but none actually addressed the problem in a more practical way then the brand new Firefox addon Cluster Tabs for Firefox does, the addon allows users to easily create and save group of Firefox tabs as clusters unloading them from memory allowing easy retrieval later-on.

Firefox Tab Clusters

The best part is that every cluster has a unique anonymous cluster URL which can be shared with friends and published on internet like this.

Easiest Method to Download YouTube Videos In 3GP, MP4 And HD Quality

YouTubeThere are numerous tricks, tools and online sites to download YouTube videos but this one is simplest of them all, just install the free Firefox addon 'Easy YouTube Video Downloader 1.1' and you can download videos in 3GP, MP4 and High-Definition quality (when available) right from the Youtube video page are browsing.

Youtube Video Download Addon In Action

The latest update bring optimized code with new 3GP download option and graphical buttons for single-click direct downloads in format of your choice.

Upcoming Firefox 3.1 Could Be Named Firefox 3.5

Firefox 3.5In some interesting development at Firefox 3.1 status meeting held on 5 March 2009, Mozilla is considering changing upcoming Firefox browser version from 3.1 to 3.5 indicating increased scope, upcoming BETA of the popular web-browser will be called Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 but version jump to 3.5 is under consideration and a final decision is expected soon.

Unofficial RapidShare Tool - Handy Firefox Addon To Search and Verify RapidShare Links

Firefox extensions like RSFind makes copying Rapidshare links from webpages fast and simple, but it lacks the essential feature to check Rapidshare link validity, but no worries as the new extension named Unofficial RapidShare Tool takes care of small annoyances related to copying and validation of Rapidshare links automatically, apart from copying Rapidshare links to Clipboard, Text File, HTML and XML formats the free Firefox addon can also check validity of the links automatically with fully customizable color coding options to distinguish working and non-working Rapidshare links on a webpage.

Rapidshare Link Copy Options

Automatic Link Checker With Customizable Color Codes

TooManyTabs - Solution To Organize Firefox Tabs And Freeing Memory

Having lots of tabs loaded in Firefox eats substantial amount of system resources and can make things pretty slow and unorganized, the guys at Visibo Limited seems to have developed a perfect solution for the problem, TooManyTabs 0.3.1 - the free Firefox add-on from Visibo allows users to save more then 50 tabs in multiple-rows as idle tabs, just above the real Firefox tabs in unloaded form saving memory and CPU cycles, furthermore the ability to color and create separate rows provides better tab-organization functionality.


Simply Click The Up Arrow For Adding To TooManyTabs Row

Adding Tabs To TooManyTabs

At first instance it seemed no better then a Bookmark Manager like Read It Later, but further digging revealed this blog post at developers website, telling how TooManyTabs will try to load the restored tab from disk cache including the tab history and scroll position.

Free AddOn To Automatically Backup Your Firefox Environment To

FeBeFew days ago my Firefox profile got corrupted and resulted in loss of essential data, Loosing your browser's saved passwords, bookmarks, settings and customizations can be very frustrating if a lot depends on it, While searching for Firefox profile backup solutions, I came across FEBE - A simple to use, highly customizable Firefox Environment Backup Extension, unlike other Firefox backup and restore solutions FEBE lets you automatically backup your browser data of choice to Box.Net free online storage service, allowing you to easily synchronize your office and home browsers.

Firefox Backup

Make Your Old Firefox Extensions Work With Firefox 3

Firefox 3 Firefox 3 is released but most of the extensions are still not compatible with the new browser, here is a little hack to get your must have extensions work with the new browser, but before proceeding do keep in mind that this can be risky and may render your browser insecure, so proceed on your own risk, I tried it myself and everything works fine, All of my favorite addons like - Linkify, Rapidshare Link Finder, Remove Cookies etc. are working perfectly.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 And Firefox 4 Alpha 1 Released For Download

Browser War We wrote about Microsoft preparing to release IE8 Beta 1 yesterday, and they released it today (link at the end of the post), Interestingly enough Firefox 4 Alpha 1 also got released today, the browser war seems all set to heat up once again.

Internet Explorer 8
looks promising this time, but Firefox is surely taking the lead, with Firefox 4 supporting Javascript 2 already into the pipeline, the future seems to be with Firefox.

How To Delete Specific URL(s) From Firefox & Internet Explorer Address Bar

PrivacyAt times you may want to delete a specific website address from the web-browsers location bar to preserve your privacy, in Firefox you just need to move your mouse over the website entry and press Shift + Delete key combination to delete the desired address from history.

How To Disable Annoying Javascript Code In Webpages Like Disabled Right Click Menu

If you are a regular web surfer you must have encountered annoying webpages disabling right-click menu, moving and resizing windows, hiding status bar and having all sorts of fancy scrolling status bar texts, However, Firefox provides users an easy way to stop these common javascript annoyances.

Disabled Right-Click On Webpages

Just Follow the simple steps below to enhance you web-browsing experience:

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