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Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 And Firefox 4 Alpha 1 Released For Download

Browser War We wrote about Microsoft preparing to release IE8 Beta 1 yesterday, and they released it today (link at the end of the post), Interestingly enough Firefox 4 Alpha 1 also got released today, the browser war seems all set to heat up once again.

Internet Explorer 8
looks promising this time, but Firefox is surely taking the lead, with Firefox 4 supporting Javascript 2 already into the pipeline, the future seems to be with Firefox.

Download Firefox 4 Alpha 1 >>

Download Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 >>


So cool, thank so much ^^

link down very good

ma oi toan vietnam vo cai site nai hix.
thank u

cant run firefox 4

it says install again

After installing firefox 4 goto
"C:\program files\Minefield" and add
these missing files (you can get it from
earlier firefox 3 beta versions)



thank's very much

Note that the version number is 4.0a1pre, it's a pre-release. At some point there will be a 4.0 alpha 1 release, but this is not it yet.

After installing firefox 4 goto
"C:\program files\Minefield" and add
these missing files (you can get it from
earlier firefox 3 beta versions)



FIREFOX 4 ALPHA 1 doesn't accept any download manager extensions or sense the download links.

I couldn't install "Flashgot" or "DownThemAll"
Could anybody help me out......


I used Internet Explorer 8 and I have experienced good and bad things with it. Please read before you download the beta.
*my experiences:
1. If Internet Explorer crashes you have the option to restore the last setting even with multiple tabs.

2. More secure interface. An example of this is a web rating add on.
3. Better looking than Internet Explorer 7.

1. Constant crashes.

2. It uses far more resources than any previous versions. Browsing speed is dramatically reduced.

3. Hotmail's new version does not work at all for reading email and when you use the classic version it looks terrible. It is extremely blocky in appearance.

4. Most web pages are incorrectly displayed with far more errors on the page.
(and my final experience far the worst.)

5. When you upgrade or downgrade IE8 you lose all of your history and web urls in the address bar. You also have to restart the computer each time you upgrade or downgrade. Pthhh...

6. The ability to cut and paste in Windows OS is impaired. You can't copy or cut in MSN messenger and Control V no longer works except in IE8 and note pad.

7. For all of you who copy links etc. from web pages it is virtually impossible. You no longer have the I shaped pointer, but a hand. It makes it impossible to copy links that are in blocks. You are unable to copy the text in one area backwards or forwards and almost all of the time you are forced to copy more than what you want. Therefore you have to edit a url in notepad or in the address bar before it is useable.

My overall rating? I give it a 1 out of 10. The cons far outweigh the pros. I think I will stick with IE7 until they fix these terrible bugs.

*I hope this saves many from frustration.

Almost forgot a few other cons: Beware using this. The more tabs you use(2 or more.) the more likely your IE8 and or explorer.exe is to crash. Also you can forget about cutting text in a feedback box etc. to spell check it in an online spell checker website. Finally: you have to download the IE* for your OS. You can't use the IE* for Vista that is designed for XP and visa versa.

Firefox 4 a1 is NOT REAL note on the download page it says Firefox 3.1a2 NOT 4.0a1


FireFox 4 Alpha 1 ..? Bullshit..!!

Firefox 4 alpha... That isn't right. It's Firefox 3.1beta or minefield.

yeah tnx anyways :)

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