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Current Caller ID - Free app provides details about social updates, weather and other handy data related to caller

There are many caller id applications available but with free mobile app "Current Caller ID" things get smarter, the intelligent caller-id application displays extended information of not only your known contacts but also unknown callers & texters, fully enhanced with their latest social updates including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

As soon as the phone rings the utility fetches and displays recent tweets, status updates, weather conditions and location data of the caller on your screen. This is not all, the application also does some good number crunching displaying useful data visually related to your calls and text messages based on your usage history.

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Google Play - All your entertainment in one place

Google PlayBy now you must have noticed the "New" badge next to your Google Navigation Bar displaying Google Play, and if you are thinking this as of any new service you are wrong. "Google Play" is nothing else but basically a re-brand/relaunch of existing "Google Android Market" which a cloud approach, allowing users to access all there favorite music, books, movies, apps, and games at one place from the Web and any android device.

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