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KONY 2012 Sequel

Super Viral KONY 2012 Video - The campaign, the oposition and the video part 2

Aimed at an noble cause of saving "Ugandan" war effected children, the KONY 2012 is a short film which has gone "super viral" on internet with over 86 million views on YouTube,and over 16.6 million views on Vimeo as of 30 March 2012. Developed by Invisible Children, Inc. the video's aim is to promote the charity's "Stop Kony" movement to make indicted Ugandan war criminal and International Criminal Court fugitive Joseph Kony globally known in order to have him arrested - but every coin has two faces, and the story unfolded rather dramatically !!

KONY 2012

The twist came when the famous hacker group "Anonymous" posted an video on Youtube (video after jump) supporting the campaign but raising questions on wrong facts used in the video campaign, blaming United States propaganda for a military invasion in the region having the final goal to attain oil.

Something very malicious is unfolding from this campaign. A Military Intervension of the United States means that the final goal is to attain oil. We cannot allow this to happen. Yes, Kony must die. But only after 20 years, when the United States wants the oil. We must all focus on Operation V and forget this propaganda. They called their video an experiment. It means we're their subjects. So far, their experiment has succeeded: BRAINWASH.

KONY Vs Anonymous

Following, the opposition Youtube blocked the group's account and re-initiated only after the hacker group threatened Youtube executives :

“By speaking out against the viral Kony twenty twelve video, Youtube has decided to block a voice of truth.”


“However, we will take a course of action that will have YouTube executives awake at night and afraid for their sanity. No censorship. Knowledge is free,”

This is not all, CNN also ran an story "KONY 2012 MISLEADING" stating few shocking truths, and to add more drama to the "KONY 2012" story - it's film-maker was detained and sent to hospital in San Diego when several reports came to the police of a man "running through the street in his underwear,...interfering with traffic, banging his hands on the sidewalk,". All videos including the latest "KONY 2012 Part 2" after the jump.

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