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Configuring Network Folder Sharing On Radxa Rock

Radxa Rock - the cheap and powerful quad-core mini-computer has already receiving great success with majority of stock vanishing across all major online distributors. Luckily, I had received my Radxa Rock a while back and has now successfully taken over the job of my Wireless Network Attached Storage (NAS) from Raspberry Pi.

The process of setting up NAS on Radxa Rock is much more easier then Raspberry Pi as the external disk is automatically detected and mounted on every boot (Thanks to Ubuntu Desktop based Linaro image), but when using the folder sharing via Samba Share we need to add an extra line to smb.conf to make the data accessible over network.

Network Folder Sharing Over Samba

How to attach and configure an external hard-disk to RasPi and share it over network

In the last RasPi tutorial, we configured the device to have an static IP on the network. Now, its time to add an external storage to the Pi - in this tutorial we will be adding an removable 500 GB USB harddisk drive to our mini-computer and share it over network for wireless access using Samba server.

RPI and external HDD
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