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20th Birthday Of World Wide Web And Future

6 August marks the birth of World Wide Web exactly twenty years ago, when it became publicly accessible. The founder Tim Berners-Lee started the project for public-access by posting a short summary of the project on the alt.hypertext newsgroup giving birth to a new technology which changed the world.

The Very First Web-browser Running On NeXTStep OS

First Web Browser

We are currently in Web 2.0 era and the future of web has to offer lots more, if your question is "What the future of web holds ?" the answers is "Web 3.0". The new "Web 3.0" will be "Semantic Web" utilizing more metadata designed to be read by machines rather than humans. An intro video to the new futuristic semantic "Web 3.0" is available after the jump.

Preview The New Firefox UI

Firefox 3.6 to Firefox 4 user-interface transition was something not everybody was comfortable with, but this has not stopped Mozilla for trying out new UI's which might get finalized when Firefox 7 or 8 gets released later this year. Screenshots of new Mozilla Firefox UI proposal after the jump.

Click To Enlarge

Firefox 8 UI

Mozilla BrowserID - The Better Single Sign-on Login Identification System

Mozilla Browser IDBrowserID is a brand new experimental project from Mozilla Labs warehouse allowing users a new faster and easier way for signing into websites.

The concept is to register and confirm your login details once and login to sites seamlessly using your personal BrowserID(s), once a BrowserID user confirms the email addresses they can sign into any web site that supports BrowserID with just two clicks. Backed by Mozilla this project is surely going to get integrated in Firefox making things better for everybody. A video demonstration of the project is posted after the jump.

Single Sign-in Mozilla BrowserID Project

Firefox 5 Now Available For Download

While the official announcement of Mozilla Firefox 5 Final release is still not made, as happened in the past the Firefox 5 Final release build is already available on official Mozilla FTP servers, open to public access. The official scheduled date for Firefox 5 launch is after two days on 21st June, but the download is now online so nobody is stopping us to enjoy it before release date.

Mozilla Firefox 5

Direct download links for Firefox 5 Windows, Linux and Mac versions, change-log and a memory usage comparison to Firefox 4 posted after the jump.

Mozilla MemShrink To Take Care of Firefox Memory Leaks

Firefox MemShrinkMozilla Firefox has never been good with system memory consumption, the free open-source web-browser is a very well-known memory guzzler thanks to various memory leaks in it's codebase. There have been various un-official solutions to the problem and addons like RamBack do help make things in-control a bit, but nothing works as a concrete solution to the problem which is needed to face-off today's tough competition.

Mozilla developers have now decided to finally address the issue seriously and a dedicated team called MemShrink is now in-operation to tackle the issue.

FXChrome - Style To Make Firefox 4 Look Like Google Chrome

Similar to user's who prefer old Firefox styling there are many who love Google Chrome's minimalistic approach, if you are also looking for the same - FXChrome for "Firefox 4" is the theme you need to get.

Chrome Theme On Firefox

KwiClick - The Faster And Smarter Way To Search On Firefox

Anything which makes searching the web fast and efficient is a must have on my computer, and firefox addon kwiClick just made entry into that list. What kwiClick does is that it saves your time by delivering search results from your favorite services directly to you - without opening new tabs or navigating between pages while searching, thanks to the innovative and sleek in-tab window. The user just need to highlight any text and they can initiate the instant smart search via the intelligent search clover which appears above the selected text, having support for services like Google, Twitter, YouTube, FriendFeed, Google Maps, Flickr, Wikipedia, Amazon, Technorati, Veoh, Howcast, Live Video, Viddler, Yahoo,, and many more this addon packs quite a punch. Images, features and video demonstration with download link after the jump.


Realfox - A Skin To Make Firefox 4 Look Like Firefox 1.5

realfoxWhile Firefox 4 new minimalistic user-interface is loved by many, there are quite a few who prefer the good old days look. And to make that happen Firefox 4 theme "Realfox" would be your answer, thanks to this theme users can get back the old Firefox 1.5 look and feel complete with the old interface, tab styling, and the download manager. The theme also gets rid of address-bar clutter like the Bookmarks star, the RSS icon and the Go Button to simplify the interface.

Firefox 3 GUI For Firefox 4

How To Use "Back Button History" Feature In Firefox 4

Firefox 4 brings a lot of new features and a refreshing minimalistic user-interface, in the new design the back/forward buttons don't feature the handy drop down history list arrow but worry not, the feature is still there and all you need to do is to right-click the button(s) to make the "back/forward history drop-down list" appear.

Firefox 4 Back Button History

Images Of Windows 8 Built-in "Modern PDF Reader" And New Internet Explorer Revealed

Microsoft did a great deal of user-interface overhaul in Internet Explorer 9 and the same trend might get continued in future version of Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer 10) as evident from the freshly leaked web-browser screenshot of "Windows 8 Internet Explorer".

Possible Internet Explorer 10 User Interface
Internet Explorer 10 User Interface
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