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Comodo Dragon Internet Browser - A More Secure Chromium Sibling

Comodo DragonGoogle Chrome is doing great slowly gaining web-browser market share, now you can enjoy the same web-browsing experience using a more security hardened version of Chromium code-base developed by well-known security software vendor 'Comodo', the all new Comodo Dragon Internet Browser features greater stability, less memory bloat, improved privacy, easy SSL certificate identification, faster website access, more private Incognito mode which also stops cookies, and easy migration from your existing browser.

Secure Comodo Dragon Web Browser

Since Comodo Dragon is based on same Chromium code-base which powers Google Chrome plus some more performance and security tweaks the browser looks pretty fast in initial usage, the new look and feel also makes it a good alternative to Google Chrome.

RAMBack - Firefox Addon To Free Up Memory

If you work with many tabs open Firefox is known to be a memory guzzler, RAMBack a free Firefox addon promises to take care of this by issuing an internal notification to free up memory that is otherwise held for performance purposes.


I tested RAMBack on two different computers and the results were very much varying, on one computer I did noticed decrease in FIREFOX RAM Usage but on second PC there was no change at all.

[EXCLUSIVE] Download Firefox 3.6 Final Before Official Release

Firefox 3.6 public download release will go live Thursday, January 21st at 9:30am PST as reported earlier but we now have access to the final build which you can download right now, as you might know Firefox developers have access to FTP servers having exclusive access to all builds - however, these are restricted and will end-up in access denied errors when trying to download anything for example try using this server - The good news is with a bit of tinkering we have got access to the final Firefox 3.6 build and you can download it right now using the link posted at the end of the post.

Firefox 3.6 FTP Download

Firefox 3.6 Is Here, Checkout The Video To See What's New...

Firefox 3.6Official announcement from Mozilla has confirmed that Firefox 3.6 download will be made available to public from Thursday, January 21st at 9:30am Pacific Standard Time, an intro video by Mike Beltzner, Director of Firefox has also been put online featuring major new enhancements introduced in the latest version of the web-browser (watch video after the jump).

Firefox 3.6 Performance Chart

Apart from being 20% faster than Firefox 3.5, the new features include automated plug-in update scanner for better security, quick theming with Personas, accelerometer support and support for new web-standards.

Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha Download Now Available, Comes With New Snappier Carakan Javascript Engine

Opera 10.5Opera has always been the leader in innovating web-browser technologies and once again the Opera team has came-up with some promising stuff with public release of Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha, the major new features worth mentioning here would be the all new JavaScript rendering engine Carakan which is touted to be 7x faster in benchmarks then it's predecessor Futhark used in current stable release of Opera 10.10, new Presto 2.5 engine with support for CSS3 transitions and transforms with more HTML5 features, new hardware accelerated VEGA graphics library and support for private tab (no need to open a window) apart from the new address-bar and other GUI enhancements.

Opera 10.5 Per Tab Privacy

Download Google Chrome 3.0

Google ChromeYes, that's right just days after final version of Google Chrome 2.0 got released the Chrome team is ready with development release of Google Chrome 3.0, the latest development build is now available for public download via Chrome dev-update channel, the most notable change in new build is support for HTML5 VIDEO tag.

Google Chrome 3.0

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8

The browser war is expected to heat up once again as Microsoft announced the next version of IE “Windows Internet Explorer 8" to be made available for downloading as beta version in the first half of 2008.

3D Web Browsing is here...

SpaceTime the 3D web browser let's you surf the internet in 3D environment.

3D browsing

Search ebay auctions in 3D

ebay search in 3d
Image search in 3D

3D Image Search

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