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Google Android

Automated Torrent Downloading Via Your Mobile Phone

Mobile TorrentImagine this, you are in a store having a look at music, movies and game DVD's, you like something and instead of buying it you simply photograph the product barcode using your phone-camera and press a few buttons, within seconds the CD/DVD starts downloading on your computer at home.

Now, this scenario is very much possible if you own an Google Android powered phone with help of yet to be released Google Android application "Torrent Droid", the application allows users to scan barcodes and then launch a torrent search for the scanned media, once the correct torrent file is selected by the user it can then be pushed to user's home computer running uTorrent with Web GUI for instant downloading.

Try Out Google Android Online Using T-Mobile G1 Emulator

Want to see how Google's much anticipated open-source mobile platform Google Android works, try the platform online from comfort of your home using T-Mobile G1 Emulator, the flash based phone emulator lets you try all the phone functions, use the third option to start the emulator as shown below, don't forget to try cool side scrolling interface from the home screen.

Google Android Emulator
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