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Ad Supported VOIP

Free Calls To Land-line And Cellphones Anywhere In World

There have been many services offering free international VOIP calls and most of them rely upon ad-supported funding to get things going, most of such services have closed there doors but there are still a few left. One such service Evaphone allows users to enjoy free international PC-To-Phone calling from there website (or any other flash supporting device) to any landline or mobile phone in most parts across the globe, the service supports almost all major countries of the world including USA, UK, Canada, India, Pakistan etc. with each country having a fixed single free call duration with unlimited numbers of calls.

Free international voip calling

Free Unlimited VOIP Calls To USA & Canada

The Pudding VOIPWe have posted about many free voip services from time to time, The Pudding is a new free VOIP service provider currently under private beta, the service offers ad supported unlimited free calling to any phone is USA and Canada from a browser, their innovative voice recognition technology will pick up keywords from your voice conversation and display relevant webpages, links and advertisements related to the keyword, in the screenshot below the user is having a talk about hawaii and The Pudding is displaying webpages and advertisment related to hawaii.

Ad Supported VOIP

This ad supported VOIP service promises a lot for the future and we can see future services offering free worldwide unlimited VOIP calling.

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