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WeChat Out : Cheap International Calls To Mobile and Landline Phones

WhatsApp introduced free calling between it's users a while ago and has been rumored to introduce video calling in near future. WeChat a competing China based instant messaging service has now introduced a new feature which will appeal to many, - a cheap VOIP calling feature allowing users to call domestic and international phone calls to cellphones and landliness across the globe.

Named WeChat Out, the feature is similar to Skype Out and Viber Out. WeChat is claiming their service to be cheaper with better call quality then the competition. WeChat is also offering a free trial credit of $0.99, which is enough for upto 100 minutes of international calls.

WeChat Out VOIP

Free Unlimited VOIP Calls To USA & Canada

The Pudding VOIPWe have posted about many free voip services from time to time, The Pudding is a new free VOIP service provider currently under private beta, the service offers ad supported unlimited free calling to any phone is USA and Canada from a browser, their innovative voice recognition technology will pick up keywords from your voice conversation and display relevant webpages, links and advertisements related to the keyword, in the screenshot below the user is having a talk about hawaii and The Pudding is displaying webpages and advertisment related to hawaii.

Ad Supported VOIP

This ad supported VOIP service promises a lot for the future and we can see future services offering free worldwide unlimited VOIP calling.

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