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Free Calls To Land-line And Cellphones Anywhere In World

There have been many services offering free international VOIP calls and most of them rely upon ad-supported funding to get things going, most of such services have closed there doors but there are still a few left. One such service Evaphone allows users to enjoy free international PC-To-Phone calling from there website (or any other flash supporting device) to any landline or mobile phone in most parts across the globe, the service supports almost all major countries of the world including USA, UK, Canada, India, Pakistan etc. with each country having a fixed single free call duration with unlimited numbers of calls.

Free international voip calling
Received Call Proves Service Works As Advertised

Received Call Notification

Calls Can Also Be Made From Any Adobe Flash Supporting Mobile Device

Free mobile VOIP application

To get started with free international landline and mobile phone calls simply point your web-browser (from your PC or flash supporting mobile) to EVAPHONE.COM, a list of all supported countries with free call duration limit can be found here.


awesome man
it really works

its awesome guys.. its 100% working...keep going good work :)

Its really working

IT's working...


its keep telling me i have no money even after i register

It is not working 4 me, Europe, Croatia...
From where are those people that is working with them???

are yeer download option kidhar hai.................sidha sidha ku nehi dete bhai,,,,,,

how r u sir?
sir how do i download the software of free call in pakistan

how can i call to france mobile

we want makes the free call to cellfone from pakistan to uae

can we makes the free call to cellfone from china to american ?

Today, life of an average phone user can become difficult when he or she is having trouble with the phone service VoIP service user as well a very phone service common problems that are faced by the usual internet phone subscribers.

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