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Free Unlimited VOIP Calls To USA & Canada

The Pudding VOIPWe have posted about many free voip services from time to time, The Pudding is a new free VOIP service provider currently under private beta, the service offers ad supported unlimited free calling to any phone is USA and Canada from a browser, their innovative voice recognition technology will pick up keywords from your voice conversation and display relevant webpages, links and advertisements related to the keyword, in the screenshot below the user is having a talk about hawaii and The Pudding is displaying webpages and advertisment related to hawaii.

Ad Supported VOIP

This ad supported VOIP service promises a lot for the future and we can see future services offering free worldwide unlimited VOIP calling.

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thank you so very much for this and perfect service that we can find at or on your site web thanks a for lot

this person selling african greys is a fraud. has gotten my money and wanted more from me to get a bird. now there is no contact from this person at all, she/he has my money and i have no bird. people beware.

Is there any way to call mexico free from usa magic jack?

no .05 a min

How i can register or download

Hey try this is the best web browser caller on the internet no signup and no hassle to make calls its easy and its free!!!

Que bueno. I love

nice place to make calls


hey plz suggest me a site frm whr i can call unlimted to usa by pc to phone call!!! plz guys help me... i use to use but now its not unlimitd

Hello friend if u know any good software to make unlimited calls from pc to cell phone / landlines please tell me. except skype ..pls help me

find the S-TC-9A and S-TC-9B for voip adapter of mobile ,at http://SPAM-CLEANED

I wan tto know how can I call free to USA from my pc to mobile plz tell me

hey guys i have found site to call usa free for 15 minutes once at time and again u can call for another 15 min. first u have to sin up and u can call easily.
the site is

hey all.. neone knws site or the way to make a free call to india ? post it here so we can check and make some free calls.. thanx

hi ppll wassup??? is there any sites to cal usa unlimitad can you give me the link to that sites plz .... thaks for your help

pudding doesnt even have a website

Thanks for your service! i like it very much!
And Could i want collet it to my blog? of course i will link you back.

is there any other website offering unlimited free call to usa lie jaduka labs. earthcaller,, I'm looking for phone to phone to usa, like duka dial, if any one can help I will be thankfull

hi brother from arabie saoudi i m iliass from morocco i would like use whistle phone it give u 20 min call for free evrey singel time and u can call many time afther 20 min done
your friend iliass from morocco

click here

hello , plz send me the best link , to call free to usa

to this email

hello sir

pls tell me to any site free unlimited calling

my mail id is

I want to make calls to US & Canada using VOIP - like a land line phone instrument,
please help me & mail me, cell - 919444166881

I want to make calls only USA from bangladesh from my this number +8801913636908 please help how can I make this call my mail number-

Pls can anyone help me to get a way to call free USA & Canada? Thanks in advance, my mail

Pls send me link for free calls to USA. My mail Id is


Pls can anyone help me to get a way to call free USA & Canada?

pls tell me to any site free unlimited calling to usa my hotmail

Plz tell me a site for unlimited calls to CANADA. I reli need it. plz email it to

Hello, i want to make free calls to usa and cananda. which software i can use pls tell me or send me the download link to call. thanks

you can try for unlimited call to USA ...but you have to compromise on the loudness of the sound bt give it a try

how many calls i can make in 1 day?

use magicjack to make call to usa and canada and use you call in canada only you use line landline

Please tell me any voip or website offered free call to us and canada, here's my email, thank you


Is this better quality than MagicJack or Skype?

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