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jaxtrSMS - Free Local And International SMS Messaging For All Mobile Platforms

jaxtrSMS is a new service allowing users to send and receive text-messages between any mobile phone in the world for FREE. You can send text-messages to non-jaxtr users just like regular text-messages, and the biggest advantage of jaxtrSMS is it's wide mobile OS application support - with freely downlodable clients for all popular mobile-platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, J2ME or Nokia they are surely not missing on any device.

To get started just download the jaxtrSMS mobile application for your mobile phone from - and complete the simple, one-time registration and you are all set to go.

jaxtrSMS Free Registration

jaxtrSMS Free Registration

jaxtrSMS Success

jaxtrSMS Success

Received Free SMS Using jaxtrSMS

Received Free SMS Using jaxtrSMS


not a good service.. tooo much ads.. its like 5% ur msg and 95% jaxtr ads and shit..
i tried it before it was out on addveristing like a month back.. havnt used aftr 1st day

it is good and you dont knoo how to use this app..
dont complain about the app.
no one would give anything for free unless you give something to them.
so they are displaying ad's inorder to generate revenue for their company..


Your are going to register with number +250 xxx xxxxx i press OK
Want to exchange SMS? i press YES
Want to send SMS, i press YES
Then Please wait..take long loading

Then it eventually says " Unable to connect to the server, please check internet connectivity.. yet my mobile is connected to internet

try to remove the zero if you added one in the phone number
example :

+55 0XX XXXXXXXX remove the zero.. and let the number with 10 digits only..

This is a good

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