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Can you open websites in web-browsers by just using numbers like this -2915189091?

Absolutely, go ahead and type 2915189091 in your web-browser address-bar followed by hitting the 'Enter' key and see the magic happen. Want another one, try 3232235777 (opens your router configuration). Want to know how this happened and how to make numbers like this for your favorite websites - read on.


The secret lies behind the fact that "these numbers" are just another form of IP address representation we are used to, like which is equivalent of 2915189091 and (your local router/lan P) which is equivalent of 3232235777. You can easily get these "Long IP" versions of any IP address using an online "Long IP converter" like, so go ahead and amaze your techie friend into how the hell this happened.


how do you use the website i need a idoit guide

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