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[Video] Goodbye carwash, Nissan Unveils The Self-Cleaning Car Technology

In yet another exciting development for automotive technology, Nissan has now unveiled something which every car owner would want - a car that can repel water, oil, dirt, dust, mud and grit making it virtually self-cleaning. Nissan is testing their cars to use the 'super-hydrophobic' and 'oleophobic' nano-technology based paint finish called Ultra-Ever Dry to repel stuff your car encounters making it look dirty. The company is performing extensive trials to determine if the material is durable for long-term use on vehicles, and whether it holds-up good in different weather conditions around the globe. Once cleared the coating will be offered as an after-market option to car owners. Don't miss the demonstration video shared ahead to see this technology in action.

Nissan develops a self-cleaning car


It is not self cleaning, it is just anti dust technology that is active on cellphones and even clothes...
Not a big deal, but i hope that it is not toxic or can couse cancer or something like most of that kind of products.

Is it working on gasoline,....and what about windows?
they seem dirthy

It's a nonotechnology. You can see the experiment here >>
or here

that thing is forever dry or never wet solutions this thing dont let anything get stuck on the those things at which u hve appilied that solution\

Sulechane5's picture

Yes it is very good ideas but what about car washer families chance if this happen.

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