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Viber - Free International Phone Calls From iPhone

Viber LogoI was eager to review Viber but waited for an Android version to get released, sadly Viber For Android is nowhere to seen - so here we have the review of currently available Viber For iOS.

Viber the free VOIP application for iOS (Android and Blackberry versions expected soon) allows users to call other Viber users anywhere in world for free using their 3G or Wi-Fi connection, the best part of this must-have utility is the sound quality which is simply "exceptional".

Viber On iOS

Viber uses your phones address book and is always in-sync with it, highlighting contacts that have Viber so you know you can call them for free. To get started all you need to do is, enter your phone number and the confirmation code received via SMS.

Fast And Simple Viber Activation

Viber Free Calls

Viber Free Calls

Viber Free Calls

Viber Free Calls

Viber Free Calls

Viber Free Calls


Is it as magicjack

there is no such thing as free dinner, well it will only allow 2 or 3 min call after that it will ask to recharge credit.. :)

FriendCaller is better. Available for all major platforms, even facebook.


This is an official representative of Viber Media.
Thanks for the review of Viber. We're so happy to see the great interest in our application all around the world!

Just to clarify - Viber for Android will be ready next month (March), and even before than, a Viber version with a new Text Messaging service will be available by the end of this month!

About why Viber is free -
For now, Viber's focus is on adding platforms, adding features (such as text messages) and improving overall system performance. At the same time, we are working on additional future premium services that will generate revenues. The basic Viber service - Viber to Viber phone calls, and soon text messages - will ALWAYS be free.

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

Hey there Viber'ers:

when can we have viber on blackberries? im using viber on iphone and its amazing. loving the experience, but i jst cant wait to have it on ma new blackberry...

thank you Viber! :)


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