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The Awesome Apple iPhone 5 Store Banner....

Ever imagined why would anyone buy Apple iPhone 5, well this could be one answer :

Apple fun


iDispare and iAgree

Butthurt fanboys (including the guy who posted this at megaleecher) trying to bring down iPhone and iPhone users. *Shakes head*

Dear friend,

I myself use an Apple iPhone 4S, and looking at the amount of phone how-to tutorials posted on this blog once can easily see various models of Apple phones which I have been using. I like Apple products, sharing a funny image about Apple does not make me pro/anti Apple.

However, commenting like this you have proved exactly what they are trying to say and you are the EXACT target for this advt.

Its just a phone, not your girlfriend - treat it like that?


Well, at least they are honest in that part of the world.

Amazing the people who has time and photoshop. But if this is true then i'm amazed how stupid is the owner to insult its future customers. Like Samsung. I don't believe people that stupid exist, for that reason i think its an apple anti-fan boy with a lot of time and photoshop haha

Why not?
I don't have any Apple products now - the last one I had was an Apple II Plus computer, circa 1978/79.
Why any one would by a Prada cel phone with diamonds on it? ou buy a car for US$ 1,500,000.00 or a US$ 5,000 pair of shoes or a US$ 10.000 bag...
just because they can
currently Apple products fall into this category!
There are products that offer same functionalities for much less. I'll stick to these ones, because I can't.

I love this iphone 5

Look alike of irvine sign company that they build up mobile phone store banner which is more suitable for the costumer to purchased.

What a beautiful iPhone 5 banner. Very nice posting.

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