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Microsoft Windows 8 To Feature One-Click Reset To Factory Settings Option

Few weeks ago a leaked build of Windows 8 provided hints of an "Push Button Reset" feature, the first screenshot of this developmental feature is now available thanks to Win7China.

The new "System Reset" feature will allow users to go-back to default Windows 8 install removing all installed applications and restoring to default OS settings. This feature will definitely come handy saving time in-cases where Windows re-installation is the only option left keeping user files and settings intact.

Windows 8 Factory Reset

Via : Win7China


This seems to be a great feature for those of us who don't buy pre-built system and are forced to use a third party software, like Acronis to do something similar.

Undo recent changes to programs and settings?

Looks like it's the same gargabe as the "System restore" we already have since XP.

Frankly I'm still using XP x64 and I'm not feeling the urge to update to 7 or 8 anytime soon.

@Ramen, to wait for this page to load takes <5 sec and it takes <5 sec to see the pic. You should go for either eye checkup or mental checkup. I have seen many people like you trying to talk all bullsh*t and always makes a fool of themselves.

If you look at the picture carefully, undo RECENT changes to programs and settings => the button beside is SYSTEM RESTORE.

Remove all programs you've installed => SYSTEM RESET. <= Thats what everybody's been talking about.

It is what I want. I have fight with this problem for many times.

I've expected this Wonderful option from Microsoft since i was tweaking/administering/maintaining xp

Yes, this is a good thing. Can save lot of time if your computer is in trouble. Windows just keeps getting better and better.


Please share the serial keys of windows 7 ultimate. please helllppppppppppp...


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