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Opera 10.5 Final Released, Claims To Be The World's Fastest Web-Browser

Opera 10.5Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha was promising and as expected the final version of Opera 10.5 Final is a pleasure to use, Opera 10.5 features the brand new Carakan JavaScript rendering engine which is said to be 7x faster than its predecessor, coupled with a brand-new interface design and support for latest web-technologies this browser is surely going to be hit.

Opera 10.5 Final

Opera is claiming their latest Windows browser release as worlds fastest web-browser, but in our benchmark tests using PeaceKeeper this claim does not seem to be valid as shown in the results below.

Opera 10.5 Benchmark Results Compared To Other Web-browsers
Fastest Web-browser Average Benchmarking Results

Opera 10.5 might not be the world's fastest web-browser yet but is surely an excellent, feature-rich and complete internet browser featuring :

  • Next-generation browser engine - With Opera Presto 2.5, Carakan and Vega, get the fastest and most advanced browsing technologies.
  • Opera Turbo - Boost your speed with our powerful servers to compress Web pages, so you get them faster.
  • Visual tabs - Drag the handle underneath the tabs to reveal thumbnails of your open Web pages.
  • Private browsing - Choose between private tabs and windows that leave no trace.
  • Top security - Stay protected from dangerous or insecure sites.
  • Desktop widgets - Use hundreds of Opera Widgets as standalone applications.
  • Optimized for Windows - Take advantage of Windows’s new features and look-and-feel.
Opera 10.5 - Worlds Fastest Browsing Engine


From what I read in the opera website (I think desktop team blog), the developers say that peacekeeper does not score something (I forgot what is it but they said specifically what peacekeeper does not score) in Opera 10.50. That why the score in the peacekeeper of Opera 10.50 is not higher than chrome..

I searched and found it here -

It says :

Note that Futuremarks' Peacekeeper test does no include the results of their complex graphics tests in the overall score. We believe this is wrong in 2009 and will simply be silly if not changed in 2010.

Thanks i really need it.

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this kind of problem: when trying to receive a file from irc (dcc protocol) opera says that the url contains illegal characters. I couldn't find anything about it on the net and overall, opera 10.10 never did this kind of thing. Hope someone may help me to fix this out. Thank you everybody.

Well you can always report bugs to Opera at desktop team blog (link: With your help, you can make Opera 10.50 better. I know it's a "Final" snapshot but not everything is perfect. I thought the Opera guys jumped to the final version too fast.

There is even newer version: 10.51

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