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SugarSync - 5 GB Free Online Backup Storage With Unlimited Device Syncing On PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile

SugarSync LogoCloud storage and syncing not only comes-in handy but also ensure safety against data-loss, we have reviewed services like Dropbox, Windows Live Mesh, ZumoDrive and aDrive (50 GB Free backup) offering starter packs with limited free storage space. Another cloud-storage and syncing service SugarSync is now offering 5 GB free backup-storage for everybody with no limit on the number of devices your can sync, to make things even more lucrative SugarSync truly holds to it's motto - "Access all your data Anytime, anywhere, from any device" by offering clients for PC, MAC, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile Mobile Platforms.

Multi-device Cloud Backup Sync

Samsung Shows High-Tech, Futuristic, See-Through Window Displays

In an innovative and futuristic development Samsung Electronics had demonstrated see-through flat-panel displays intended to be used as high-tech windows. While not sutiable for day-to-day computing these panels can be used for advertisements and as glass replacement for office windows with ability to overlay news or other informational items. A video demonstration is available after the jump.

See Through LCD Displays

How To Exclude Files Or Folders From An cPanel/WHM Backup Job

Being a server administrator requires some good tech skills as you face various scenarios requiring not-so-commonly used solutions, few days ago I faced a similar situation where a certain directory was needed to be skipped from regular WHM/cPanel backups. Luckily WHM/cPanel do provide a simple cpbackup-exclude.conf file which can be edited to exclude files and directories from the backup job, all that needs to be done is to input and save paths to items to be excluded via Shell/WinSCP.

cPanel Backup Config File Location

SmartXplore - Plugin Based Windows Explorer Extender Tool

Usage of extensions is the best option to add further functionality to Windows Explorer, we have shared many such useful extensions like Advanced Context Menu, File Extension Renamer, Open Target Folder and Direct Folders. SmartXplore is yet another utility in this niche with the added advantage of extendable and user-configurable plugin architecture. The free Explorer Extension for Windows 7, XP and Vista supports various handy utilities like grouping files by type, quick browse, command-prompt, clipboard and FTP functions to name a few - the best part is users can create/download autohotkey scripting language compatible plugins further extending the software's capability as per there requirement.

SmartXplore Windows Explorer Extender

FREE Automated SMS Alerts To Track Changes In Your Indian Railways PNR Status or Train Timings

We have shared tips on how to get your Indian Railways PNR status and other inquiries from your mobile-phone and alternative websites allowing users to extract train information with ease.

A new service myPNRStatus is going to make things even simpler, instead of re-actively (users asks for information and it is delivered) supplying information myPNRStatus lets users enter their PNR code and mobile-number once and it will pro-actively send SMS updates to user about any changes in their PNR status or Train Timings changes for FREE.

PNR Status On SMS

iOS 4.2 Performance on iPhone 3G : Is it worth upgrading ?

If you have upgraded your iPhone 3G to iOS 4 you must be disappointed with the overall performance impact it caused. Now, iOS 4.2 is just around the corner, and if you are thinking whether things have improved for iPhone 3G just watch the video below for the answer.

[COMIC] How iPhone, Android And BlackBerry Users See Each Other

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First Screenshot Of Updated Cydia For iOS 4.2

With iOS 4.2 Gold Master seeded to developers it should be a matter of few more days when Apple releases iOS 4.2 Final Update to public. The team behind popular Cydia application on jailbroken phones is working hard to make it compatible with the new iOS release and has in-fact released the very first screenshot of Cydia running on iOS 4.2.

Five New Official Themes Released For Gmail

Google has released five new themes for Gmail - the new themes Basic Black, Basic White, Android, Tree Tops and Marker will surely refresh your Gmail experience.

Android Theme

CustoPack - Free Visual Customization Utility For Windows

Visual Transformation Packs have been an all time hit with users looking to customize Windows looks beyond basic themeing, free utility CustoPack Tools is one such utility allowing users to easily customize Windows appearance through installation of various pre-configured packs consisting icons, cursors, images, visual-styles, application launcher, etc. for a complete operating-system makeover.

CustoPack themes

Developed by well-known team the utility works on Windows XP (32-bit), Windows Vista (32 or 64-bit), and Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit).

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