Blackra1n - All In One Jail-breaking Utility By GeoHot

iPhone jailbreak scene is getting very exciting with new emerging software tools promising easier and safe jailbreaking experience, after announcement of Sn0wBreeze from iH8sn0w famous iPhone hacker GeoHot has now announced a single jailbreaking utility for all Apple iPhone range of devices from iPod Touch to iPhone 3G/3GS; dubbed blackra1n the jailbreaking utility is expected to get launched soon and official domain

Sn0wBreeze - PwnageTool For Windows

With the release of iPhone Dev Team's PwnageTool 3.1 Mac users were able to create custom IPSW files allowing them to jailbreak iPhone OS 3.1, sadly for Windows users there is no choice but to download and use pre-made custom jailbroken IPSW files - but not anymore as another popular iPhone hacker iH8sn0w is soon releasing there own Windows PwnageTool dubbed Sn0wBreeze.

Sn0wBreeze - PwnageTool For Windows By iH8sn0w

iH8sn0w teamed up with DarkMalloc giving birth to "Sn0wBreeze" the new PwnageTool for windows which is currently under beta-testing and is soon coming our way, do check the teaser video after the jump.

Roboform Got Online - Now Save, Sync And Use Logins Across Multiple Computers

Roboform is a well-known secure password manager and form-filler utility helping users remember online forms and login information saving time by automating login's securely, the good news is Roboform now keeps your passwords in sync between multiple computers and web-browsers allowing you to access your login's anywhere in world from any internet connected computer or device.

Free Roboform Online Password Manager

RoboForm Online is free and supports synchronization from both Free and Pro flavors of the utility, also keep in mind that using online synchronization make sure you have a copy of you login data secured online in-case something goes bad with your local data.

Create iPhone Bootable USB Disk And Use It To Install Windows XP/7/Vista, Create Rescue Disk, Run Live Distros And Much More

Having a bootable USB disk drive comes in handy, and what else can be better then to have your bootable computer rescue kit or favorite linux distro right with you on your iPhone, as my previous post shared how you can make your iPhone work as a mass storage device somebody used USB Drive creatively making it work as a bootable disk drive which lets you use iPhone as a bootable computer rescue kit, launch Windows setup, and use other bootable USB distros/live cd's.

How To Use iPhone As Removable USB Storage Drive

PC and Mac utility DiskAid allows you to make use of iPhone as a data storage device - but both uploading and downloading data require you have DiskAid installed on the computer, free (during beta) iPhone application USB Drive takes care of this by allowing you to use your iPhone as a true mass storage device which works right out-of-box on any computer without needing any third-party utility or driver.

USB Drive To Store Data On iPhone

You will need an jailbroken iPhone with Cydia installed to download USB Drive beta 2, also make sure you read all the instructions before using it.

How To Get A Google Wave Invite !

Google Wave LogoGoogle's newest offering - "Google Wave" is getting hotter then expected and everybody wants an invite, the limited supply invite-only online service provides an hybrid platform combining messaging, media-sharing and other collaboration tools via a single streamlined interface.

Google Wave
signups are in such demand that people have started selling Google Wave Invites on eBay and forums, there are currently 65 active auctions on eBay selling Google Wave invite for as much as $80.

Google Wave Invites On Sale

If you are also looking for an invite there are other ways to get them for free and even try Google Wave Platform right-now without an invite.

Grab Free SpoofCard PIN And Fake Your Caller ID Of Choice

SpoofcardSpoofCard is a well-known caller-id spoofing service letting users fake their caller id's with any number of choice, the service also offers features which let users change their voice-tone and keep records of phone conversation for future references.

Under a special promotion SpoofCard is giving away a free 5 minutes PIN for promoting their service on Twitter, grab the free PIN and enjoy faking your caller id's.

Fake Called ID Using SpoofCard

Get Paid iPhone Applications And Games For Free Legally

iPhone application DRM is cracked and users actively share cracked iPhone applications and games but now here is something which lets you get paid iPhone games and applications legally for free - the only thing asked in return is that you post a honest review of that application at iTunes store.

Free iPhone Games And Applications

How To Enable Autologin In Microsoft Windows 7

If you don't use user-accounts on your PC and want to get rid of Windows 7 logon prompt here is the simple procedure to enable auto-login feature in Windows 7, its very similar to Windows XP and Windows Vista auto-login method shared earlier with a slight variation in command syntax to launch the special user accounts configuration dialog.

Windows 7, XP and Vista Auto Logon

Blaze - Must Have Free Application Launcher With Intelligent Desktop Automation Features

BLAZEMother of all application launcher's indispensable free Windows utility Blaze takes the honor of being not only an easy to use fast application launcher but a intelligent desktop automation utility - unlike its competitors Blaze not only indexes applications and recently accessed files/folders but also allows users to perform calculations, web searches, browse the file-system, on-the-fly emailing, inserts quick texts, adaptive Macros and above all help automate repetitive tasks with its context sensitive suggestions to help you finish the task at hand faster - the great thing is you don't need to teach Blaze what to do.

Search Images Using Blaze

Blaze Application Launcher For Windows

The intelligent software has ability to bear with typos, and posses the outstanding ability to automate recurrent tasks, for example Blaze will automatically detect and offer you to complete a bulk-rename job or editing of repetitive formatting task in currently active application.


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