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Free European VPN Account's From VpnEuropa

Europa VPNIt has been quite some time we did our last free vpn account giveaway, here we are once again offering free European VPN accounts for our blog readers.

Based on the popular open technology OpenVPN based European VPN service "VPNEuropa" offers complete internet anonymity safeguarding your data from getting examined by your ISP or hackers and bypass content restrictions.

European VPN Service
    Features :
  • Hide your IP address.
  • Avoid geo-detection by hiding your location.
  • Bypass ISP protection against intensive inspection and slow downloads.
  • Encrypts web, email and data to and from social media.
  • Unblock websites and services are closed due to your IP address.

We have 10 one month accounts to giveaway for our blog readers, the first ten users to comment below answering "Why you need a VPN service ?" will get these accounts - don't forget to leave your email in relevant field.

Visit : VPN Europa


I want it because i have a dial-up connection and they throttle torrents...So i just want it.

Thanks & Regards

Because I want to break through geological restraint from my country,sometime I need get more technical information from open internet.

hello team, My ISP censorship some website and block my ip for some site. thanks for your support.

i am a student ! and when i want to access one of my email websites from my educational connection i got a block error specially when i open Hotmail and gmial! i triad some proxy websites but i stuck always !

so that's why !

We need it because there isn't any privacy anymore when you are online.
Everything you do gets saved somewhere.
Everybody needs today a VPN service to stay anonym in the internet.

I need VPN service which I regularly deploy as an additional layer of security for Internet browsing. Thank you so very much.

you need a vpn service for protecting your privacy,bypass isp restrictions,between many others useful advantages


With the politics of government intrusion into our personal communication since the condemnable 911, every effort to reclaim our privacy from the prying eyes of others is welcome

To listen to for free >:D<

If VPN in UK, i need because i want to watch British got talent :)

i want vpn to open many site coz in my work they close many sites

i need vpn for master thesis dev.

Why you need a VPN service ?

i need a vpn service cause not only i want to keep my privacy, but also i need it to work.

Best Regards

"Why you need a VPN service ?"
Because I need my IP address to be hidden and became anonym, to avoid localisation and personaly unblock some websites that are blocked to my region..
So thank you =)

I like vpn because I like to be free and I would like to win because I do not have a vpn right now!

"Why you need a VPN service ?"
Because I need my IP address to be hidden and became anonym, to avoid localisation and personaly unblock some websites that are blocked to my region..
So thank you =)

To access geo tagging site with europe servers and need to use certain services which is restricted in INDIA due to geo tag issues

Post where? :)

hi plz give one i need it because iam not allowed to use facebook and cant download so i need it very much plz give me one

I want to kno more about dis stufff...:p

I need a VPN service so that I can be true to my anonymous name given here. Also I am constantly being throttled by my ISP so VPN would work wonders for me :)

can i have an account ?
thanx a lot

i need it for anonymous surfing

I would need a VPN service, because I like to be secure, when i'm downloading a file I don't want anyone to know my IP Adress. In addition this VPN gives me a European IP, which I would like because there are some services only for Europe.


VPN is a method of protecting your online identity and data en route. Firewalls protect your data on your computer and anti-virus software protects you from viruses, but only a VPN provides security and privacy once your data leaves your computer.

hi there well i'am from africa and i need a vpn account so i can i watch bbc i player

and other censored stuff

i need a vpn service because my corporate firewall blocks harmless services such as twitter and blogspot and most importantly , the best blog ive come across!!

please count me in:
I need a vpn account for:
1/protect my computer against network Ataque.
and hide my ip address
2/ access sites as megaupload, M6replay
and torrent sites that have banished my ip address

It will help me in starting a business.

May I have a free vpn account coz I need to research for my niece but my company blocks many websites.

Thank you!

To get extra security from online bad guys and identity thieves, and hide your IP address so you can protect your identity and location. To access some of the blocked sites.

If my government(USA) is going to pass PROTECT IP Act, a form of censorship then I'll be pushed to use services like VPN.

I need this service to watch soccer,zatto,etc...

So I can watch

I need this VPN service to watch soccer,Zatto

1st reason is live "Vevo" blocked my country ip to see there videos....
i hosted a server which is situated in UK so some time it doesn't work for my country ip so i have to make a call to reset them if I'll get this vpn I'll be able to do it by myself.

I'll be really thankful if you'll give me this vpn account thank u =)


i love American tv shows and i can't watch it in my country so i use a free vpn service to watch it
hopefully i will get it

Who doesn't need a VPN service? It's useful to avoid throttling from my ISP.

Why do I need a VPN service ? To keep "Big Brother" from invading my privacy!
Thank you very much for this great offer.

I am in a university, where very internet access is via proxy and only few outgoing ports are open. I am unable to even manage my WHM accounts (web host accounts) due to it. Even FTP is closed. Furthermore, this will allow me to have video chat with my girlfriend as I will virtually not be behind proxy any more and will let me download from other ports such as (mainly) ftp and torrent.

Spend time surfing on an open WiFi connection at your local Starbucks? Ever heard of Firesheep? Time to get VPN connection!

i want it because

•Hide your IP address.
•Avoid geo-detection by hiding your location.
•Bypass ISP protection against intensive inspection and slow downloads.
•Encrypts web, email and data to and from social media.
•Unblock websites and services are closed due to your IP address.

I need a good VPN because I am located in China and need internet freedom!!!

I need it because, many foreign site have been block by Chinese government, i need a good VPN service to bypass it. I wish to have one, thank you.

I need it because, many foreign site have been block by Chinese government, i need a good VPN service to bypass it. I wish to have one, thank you.

Para poder ter a segurança, tranqüilidade e velocidade para que só conseguimos com o VpnEuropa.

I need it for hide my real ip address.

I need it for hide my real ip address.

another VPN service??? ... anonymity is what its all about....

i need it for hide my ip address.

I need VPN account bcoz i want to surf anonymously.I know in some areas there are some restriction to Asian users.

sir i want vpn europa account for maintaining my privacy and wabt to make my computer secure from hackers,sir i request you please give me 1 account,my email is ""
thank you

i am a student who live in hostel, its an environment where i cant log in to some of my important sites, like facebook orkut. They people just lock them down. also i want anonimity in my work, because in this environment of my college hostel, there are lots of students who try to hack into my account, i want anonimity and all data encrypted, so that even if someone sniff my data , he cant get out the actual information. Thats why i need a vpn.

i need it for hide my ip address.

here in the usa stupid isp's r sooo nosy with this it's time to fight back for our privacy! >:D

VPN is a method of protecting my online identity and data en route. Firewalls protect my data on my computer and anti-virus software protects from viruses, but only a VPN provides security and privacy once my data leaves my computer. Thanks. Hopefully can get a vpn account.

We need a VPN service because Internet without this service is meaningless in my country ,

I need this VPN because i am in need of privacy and this is one of the best VPN services i know..

As i am a regular reader of your blog i came to know about this offer.. so please send me 1 account credinals... thank you so much for ur awesome posts...

my email:

I am a web developer, I may be very useful for me.

i had one but throug reconfigurating mine computer (laptop) i lost him

Why you need a VPN service ?

I need a VPN so I can use some services in college that are blocked by them and VPN would do great at that! :D

First thing i would say wow guys. U know vpn will hide my ip and i can access those severs which i can't and my download speed will be reliviant

First thing i would say wow guys. U know vpn will hide my ip and i can access those severs which i can't and my download speed will be reliable

I get blocked from adult sites all the time and I get adverts based on my location all the time. I would love to put an end to being restricted.

For a complete internet anonymity & safeguard my data !

I mostly need a VPN service for entertainment reasons mostly, sincerely. I live in Romania and haven't watched T.V. for about 5 years, even though I worked at a T.V. station :)). Why? Because the content sucks big time. I am a huge fan of Pandora and I mostly watch Family Guy, Dallas S.W.A.T. and Manhunters on Hulu, but I use another VPN service which is horribly slow and full of ads and it takes me about one and a half hour (including buffering) to watch a 40 minutes show, which is kind of lame. Thank you, guys, for the chance :).

I need european proxy, so far I could surf the sites which are allowed for european only....

for my iphone to visit Twitter and facebook.

In my opinion vpn's are used for enjoying internet full freedom.. Because in some countries some websites are blocked. For accessing that website we need vpn or proxy.

I need the VPN application dam so badly because so many websites are blocked in my network.

I need a vpn service to protect against hackers by hidding my location and my ip address. I also need a vpn service to bypass Isp protection and to encrypt all my traffic.

I need it for Encrypted Traffic and security.

I am use from your freedom vpn and are safe and high speed..I see their sever best..

I'm in china,I can't visit twitter,facebook,and foursquare ,and other many sites

I would luv to have a premium vpn account to hide me from all those nasties on the net and hackers trying to get to my pc.Is the best way i think
Thanx alot

the reason why everyone wants a vpn account is,bcoz of protecting your online identity and data en route. Firewalls protect your data on your computer and anti-virus software protects you from viruses, but only a VPN provides security and privacy once your data leaves your computer.and for this VPN Europa is the best after checking details on their site.would like to have one,plz Megaleecher include me.

Hide the IP address

why i need VPN is because it help hide my ip and also make my download faster, it also help in many ways e.g. some blocked websites are accessible while using VPN.

I need a VPN service badly, so I can be able to bypass the contents which is not available for my country in order to get my information that I needed. Not just for office use, I can able to use it for personal purpose too.

no comment

i live in middle east...censorship will be the reason to look for a vpn.thanks

VPN's are Virtual Private Networks which are private and secure providing anonymity to the users in a secure virtual network.


I want to check performance of this VPN services if it is good then I will use permenantly.
I am in UAE and most of the sites is blocked.



nowadays you have to hide your identity from everybody, governments, spammers, hackers and other unsavoury elements.

Request for the VPN for unblocking wesites.




i need security and from all the skums that lurking in internet. A few months back my gmail account has been hacked and because of this i cannot access my youtube account if this vpn service offers security from these kind of threats . i need one so it will be nice of you and big help for me if u gave the vpn account .. thanks and regards

Personally, my ISP is voluntarily reducing my 2 Mb connection to a 1 Mb connection because he doesn't won't to buy more bandwidth. So I'am paying the price for a 2 MB connection while I'm just getting a 1Mb connection. Fortunately, I can bypass this limitation by activating a VPN service.

i need vpn services so that i can hide my real isp to the internet
to unblock my real isp from blocking websites due to the other users abusing it.

Why you need a VPN service?

Im a fanatic person when its for my Privacy

HI.I'm from VietNam.You're easy to know that i'm hard to surf the web from USA. IF i get this, i'll be more easy to search documents which help my work.Anyway,Thanks you

I need VPN service very desperately as I am in China where most of the internet is blocked and I teach here, requiring internet access. Thanks very much.

Thank you for your effort.

You need a VPN service to protect yourself against hackers and people from spying on what you do on the internet (including internet service providers)
A VPN offers enhanced security by encrypting data

i need an vpn service to access blocked sites such as hulu...since only US ip address are allowed,i will use this only for good reasons.

VPN Services are Required for me as I want to hide my IP address so that my identity and location can be Protected.

i answer :
"Why you need a VPN service ?"

that's what is needed ? no ? :)

Simply...I need a VPN Great Service like this to manage my Forex Account with Great Reliability and Simplicity:)

Its great news and i always been searching for such solutions it sounds useful for me lets try it

I need for app store and android market because they are blocked in my contry

Funny you should ask. :) I have been scouring the net for one, of late. It's that whole privacy issue, isn't it. I believe in transparency when it comes to organizations, BUT when it comes to individuals, tracking them is more akin to profiling. Profiling is inherently evil. "[Profiling] is a common investigative tool. But some fear that police departments have taken profiling too far, harassing or even arresting people because of certain characteristics they might have in common with criminals." (Grabianowski, Ed. "How profiling works")

To hide one IP address.
In order to avoid detection of one's location.
To Bypass ISP protection against intensive inspection and slow downloads.
To Encrypt web, email and data to and from social media.
To Unblock websites and services that have been blocked due to restrictions from the ISP

My email address is

I am a HR by profession, VPN Europe would be great help for me to bypass the restrictions for me to enhance my subject knowledge

In my scholl are most of usefull websites blocked (facebook, but I understand why, WIKIPEDIA, sometimes google, and a lot of anothers!

For Hiding my location. Thanks

I share my connection with many members of my family and VPN is the only way to have a discrete life, low footprint, privacy.

Why should everyone in my home know everything that I do?


Because its a the best program against all kinds of inspection.

Virtual private networking (VPN) is great thing.
It will help me to keep my activities on internet anonymous, private and secure.
The function of the VPN account is to allow access through the security blocks. Security blocks are necessary to prevent unscrupulous hackers from stealing my information.

(VPN) is a method used to securely pass my information from my home computer to a remote location. VPN configurations encrypt information and restrict the data passed in the communication stream.
It will also be great for "keeping safe" from hackers, of my skype accaunt.

First of all... Thank you for this giveaway.

Getting to the point... I need a service of VPN because I use online banking and always I'm afraid who may be looking up so if I use VPN I think things gets worse for this kind of people also I like to surf the Internet and I dislike my ISP was recording all my activities so VPN it's my solution.

Thank you very much and keep on this way folks !!!

I need VPN service because in my country, the site is to restrictive.

Why you need a VPN service

I need VPN to be safe while surfing the Internet .....

it helps me to protect against hackers...
my email id

i like vpn because i want to hide my ip and information.

C'est utile pour avoir une vie privé sur internet qui malheureusement ce reduit de plus en plus.

because Im living in K.Saudi Arabia where mostly websites are blocked even these are non-sexual. to open these sites, I've 2 contact my ISP. So, i think I should have it.
God bless you. Thanks in advance.

i need a VPN Service because I live in Turkey..several sites are restricted in my country.
Best Regards

from my country(cameroon) is very difficult to download from certain sites because of regional restrictions. when on any website i try to download or get any other service get this message "this service is not avaliable for your contry" or something semilar.please i really need this.

Well i need this VPN service because:

1.- My community needs a vpn service ,getting one ill make happy alot of peoples
2.- Because this is an offer i can't lost.
3.- Because i need this VPN alot ,and i searched for a fine VPN from alot of time...

Staff of Exol Community.

Eh, why ... Safety above all ... I hope ...

I would like a VPN service through an established company. There are many start up companies, and they could be using your information for other means. VPN Europa has been providing services for some time and is trusted. Plus, they are rated best selling service.

Because I live in Iran. and I Think this is my right to be free as people are all around the world.

most sites are blocked.

I want to try this service :)

I would like to use this program to access overseas sites to view there news etc. with out censorship.

i need a VPN service to protect my identity on the internet. Internet is highly public and vulnerable to unpredictable attacks therefore i need additional security .


I am using a public HSPA mobile connection for internet and i am not very sure whether my data is secured.
I would love to use a vpn to encrypt my data.
It's allways better to be safe than try to recover when you lost everything.

I just want to try :)

i need vpn because i browse alot of website and i need to protect my coumputer

I need it so I can access sites which are blocked in my student dormitory. I am excellent student, but I cannot visit all sites which contain materials that I need.

I works.


our country is restricted using no proxy! they only give one proxy for all user and watch other job!
i am urgently need one!

Bump for Anonymous

VPN service allow you to receive completely unrestricted and uncensored access to the internet. In addition, you will gain access to many websites.

i have been browsing the site from 2 weeks daily finally i have a chance again to gain some thing please offer me an account i reside in qatar & have too much problem here thanks.

Hi Im very interested in getting a vpn, I've enjoyed your articles for quite sometime and became very excited upon reading this. I would greatly like a vpn of my own, I've been trying to learn more about programming and my ISP feels the need to "filter" my internet and it believes a lot of programming sites are related to hacking. So I would like a vpn of my own in order to "free" my internet.

I need it to become anonymous on survey sites

I use VPN services to access my network at office, as I work as a Consultant I need to constantly visit customers.

yes pleas can u give me account

As I have previously had my identity stolen and my bank account details.

In my country many sites are blocked I need vpn than anything else. I never won anything from megaleecher. I wish I won this coz I really need this!

Count me in please..!/myimmortalize/status/78138490268823552

i need them bcoz 2 me itz damn important...i need them!!plzzzz

I would like to tell you why VPN is good. But my work is so secret that I would be breaking the secret agreement if I told you. Just trust me. People with secrets as secret as mine need to keep things secret. But don't tell anyone, right.

hi,why ? for internet access.
you can't imagine how tough our filters are.
for a simple example ; softpedia news section.
please count me in too, if it's not too late.

Hope I will the winner in the future.

Again good offer by Megaleecher.

It is not a question of why, only when your computer will be hacked....

i wish i could get this offer coz most sites are blocked in my country and most vpn's i have tried are slow. would love to check this one out

First of all I need it for safe surfing and going to blocked websites I'd like to visit but not allowed for my country and there is a bunch of good reasons why I would like to have VPN service!

I need a VPN account to ensure the security of my online transactions as I am starting my own business online.

Because I usually connect from wifi hotspots during work meetings.
Thanks for offering this givesway.

you know every one in none Europe countries need it .why you ask it?
i need it

ineed a VPN service to securely safeguard my privacy from internet browsing and prevent hackers from steeling any info on my computer, a necessary security internet defender on malicious attack.

my country blok very sits

because I live in Iran that is a big Internet blocker

I need for Unblocking websites and services are closed due to your IP address.

well i am filling this up just to see if you will really send it, why do we need it , to stop sick hackers from finding how much we , eat, drink & shit.

I try to be social, and manages my company's social platforms over my local Internet connection. But when I am outside visiting friends, I usually have to update, or reply to a comment on Social networks, using public WiFi, which is very risky. I have been looking for some reliable VPN service, that can provide me ultimate protection of my data. Hope VpnEuropa will meet my expectations.

Basically, I need the VPN for security reasons. My iPods, iPhones, iPads are constantly out with me in public hotspots. With the VPN, I can use them online safely :)

Why you need a VPN service ?

I concider that using a vpn server is essential for keeping your important data away from hackers and available from any where.
Thank you very much for the offer, you are great as usual.

I do alot of doundlaoads from the pirate bay and i need a way to hide my ip

I think that, I need it and I want to use it. Thank you very much.

I think those who have internet censorship should use Google Public Dns. Address is, secondary address is you can change those settings in your network setting.However,Google may be collecting your data.

i need this VPN because m living in KSA and there are many websites are blocked to access those sites i need this VPN.

I need it because and is SAFE, SECURE and always reliable..

Because I Live In censorship!

I need VPN service for a secure and private navigation in www.

Sometimes the truth behind Abrhast (filtered Useful site!).

:D ME!!!!!!!

because the network I work on it has a limits and black list for sites, another reason some site doesn’t work out the home country but with VPN it work perfect

I like the VPN because the proxy was not able to accommodate my needs when surfing the internet

I need it because in Iran every site u wanna visit....HAS BEEN F**CKING BLOCKED!!!!!

Because I have a ISP base filter and it SUCKS

Because is true that do not exist better solution than VPN for internet privacy. It let you to navigate anonymous becouse the IP address that appears is IP of VPN service provider.
And also hide your location to Google Location Services.


Ineed it to surf scientific sites that are blocked.

i really need a vpn premium account cause in india all file sharing sites are bloked and i need to download...

i need this VPN because m living in KSA and there are many websites are blocked to access those sites i need this VPN.

-blocked websites

i need because, my country is blocked so i reaaly need this vpn :))) . i'm from turkey in istanbul. my mail

I need a vpn account for privacy and security reasons.

You also may find VPN Watcher software usefull. It prevents all the controlled programs of sending any data to internet while your VPN connection is down for some reason.

I need VPN service because in my country, the site is to restrictive

i need a good vpn in iran
please help me

i need a free vpn

i would like to have a chance to try this VPN, because some reasons:

1) in my country, the is a restricter control of internet and its always under security
2) for have the chance to loggin websites like facebook, or watch a video in youtube.
3) even in my country i have 10 mbs of internet but looks like 1 and its always with traffic.
4) actually my family lives at 20.000 of km away from me and its hard for me to connect and send them pictures or others.
5) my actual isp provider , its hard to say its good i live in this city (shanghai) with another 20 millions of people, the internet everywhere is really slow and never stable.

i will wait with hopes.

thanks for all

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