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Learn How To Hack Computers, Emails, Websites And Applications

HackingHacking is an art and can be used for both offense and defense, for pro-active defense you need to know hacker tactics for securing yourself/organization against hacking, there exists a very thin line of hacker ethics distinguishing between a WhiteHat and a BlackHat hacker, I have always been very curious in learning this dark art for ethical purpose and finally got hold of "The Secret Of Hacking" - Ethical hacking course, unlike other outdated ebooks and basic courses this one is authored by an established Government recognized Indian security company and really packs a punch with all aspects of hacking and securing as promised on the sales page.

Best Hacking Book And Course

The course comes with one printed book and two DVD's having more then 14500 security related tools and 200+ Hacking E-books/Videos, the best part is that you get a lifetime membership with access to an ever growing collection of videos and technical support.

DVD Contents

Hacking Software DVD

Usually the kit costs Rs. 740/- for India and USD $55 for international customers including shipping, but you can grab it for reduced price of Rs. 700/- for India and USD $49 for international shipping at http://link-removed/ )(They offer stuff which is readily available for free on internet, better use Google and Youtube) .

This is a short glance what you will learn :

• See how hackers crack email id password like gmail, yahoo, rediff, etc
• How to hack any password [windows administrator, linux-root, routers, ftp,ssh)
• How remote system exploits work.
• How Trojans and spyware's are made undetectable from anti-virus software's.
• How credit card and net-banking passwords are stolen.
• How to secure your system and networks from hackers.
• You can access any website in your college or company without restrictions like orkut, gmail,
• Gain access to a remote sewer using port-binding or connect-back shellcode, and alter a
server's logging behavior to hide your presence
• and much more... (see sales page)


can anyone get it free upload on net. Uploading on torrent PDF and DVDs will be good. As knowledge should be free.

You wont get this for free moron coz its a physical printed book and yes knowledge is free - go figure it out yourself.

Go f**k yourself.

ever hear of an ebook?

Very Good! Ok, Let's go!

Quality articles or reviews is the crucial to attract
the people to visit the website, that's what this site is providing.

if i get it i will apload it for free i am now searching for it


nice book

seems good!!!!!!!!!!

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hey dude plz help me how to hack an email account for free and easily plz help me i m in trouble and any how i want to knw all hacking process
plz anyone here who can help me

Hey smarty....
Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 08/13/2009 - 08:56.
You wont get this for free moron coz its a physical printed book and yes knowledge is free - go figure it out yourself.

Go f**k yourself.

HA..someone needs to get lad more often and relax on the over macho-ness..most likely you wont be able to find the book for free or with included the DVD iso'ed:unless you leech off russian or palstian forum or FTP site... torrents ...thats ganna be a even toughter one. If you try search a torrent on the book your either ganna end up looking for deadlinks,trojanlinks or no links at all... maybe google an undergroundtorrent site and from there investigate and see if anyone has any refferance to the book. The book is awesome but i dont necessary have to have it...i found 4 other books that gives you personal experance. Some of the which touch subject and hints as to what you can do...or...i can always look for a third party program that enables me to create bots or a saying in one of my books "whitehats,blackhats theres a thin line between them."

i want 4 freeeeeeeeee.............

it seems to be a really good ebook. because all the ever needed geeks about the computer is compiled in it. so i hope i'd get a copy of it, i live in Rwanda Africa. so could it be uploaded on some blogs to be downloaded for free. thank you for this info.

Cisco Gigabyte

the dvd is great but it is very great if they give me the copy of that huh

does any body purchase this book ? is it real or spam ?

no free fuck it and take it...

you bitches if you want it buy it

Has anyone bought and used this product? Is the company reliable?

upload at internet please......
and give download link.!!!!

Please i want this for free. Is there any good person who can help a bad person(Ofcoure me). Now it's depend upon u. I want it for freeeeeeeee.......................

hi i want hack facebook and yahoo and hotmail please help me my email adress

Appreciate if anyone can reup plz the links to the book, regardless if it's a hardcover or an ebook. Please.

plz help me i want to open this account thanks

I any one give me the book to me. please

i have this ebook and DVD ... this dvd price is RS. 190INR ...
friendzzz u can search on torrentz for this ebook

This Post is very useful thanks for this post i will bookmark this one so that i can visit every time i want.

Holy shit...never have I seen so many whiny, broken english, motherfucking moochers...
1) If you "plox want for free facebook hack to easily" then shoot yourself in the head
2) If you really want to learn, a search engine is your friend. Don't beg others to do simple work for you. It makes me puke on my keyboard and I don't like that.

Anyhow, thanks for trying to spread some knowledge Mr. Book author man guy sir person

If u really want find out password to email website & email & INSTAGRAM
- send email to

the FBI will be toald

necesito recuperar una clave de gmail, con tu libro es posible,, como te lo pago, que garantia tengo que funciones y como me lo envias?

A great contribution. Thank you

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