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The World's Cheapest Yet Most Accurate GPS Device

No GPS device can beat this location fix precision, can they ?

The best GPS tracking device


hahaha... nice... let's see google out-do that

But where is HERE!?

HERE is wherever you are.

What if I throw it 100feet from me? Now the gps is 100feet wrong :D

In that case also the device is correct as any GPS device shows you it's location not yours !!!

if you throw it 100 feet away from you the gps is now 100 feet away from you . gps still correct

It's cool and looks "Eco-Friendly" lol..

i not a Eco-Friendly, it requires tree to be cut down

Can't u see its total waste of Wood therefore it "only looks" eco friendly!

one unit for testing if then we will buy in large quantity.


wow! this is cool, now i can jungle trekking and never get lost!

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