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Samsung once again pokes fun at Apple fanatics in Galaxy S III Commercial aimed at iPhone 5 frenzy

Apple products have an outstanding fan-following, an much as that they are referred to as Cult Of Apple. And since every coin has two faces there is an equally opposite section who do not agree with how Apple ties down users in their closed eco-system, dictating what is right for them and what not, and limiting usability.

Bitter relations between Samsung and Apple are in news these days over the ongoing legal battle, and the reason is they both offer competing products. In it's newest Galaxy SIII commercial Samsung has once again poked fun at Apple iPhone buyers who are lining up to get the latest iPhone 5 from Apple stores.

The commercial is toned similar to usual Apple marketing language, highlighting the fact that "Apple fans" are lining-up to get the new headphone jack’s location, the new Lightning dock connector which will make their existing adapters obsolete, the lack of NFC, and other features iPhone 5 just doesn’t match up to Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III.


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