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[Video] Transparent Smart Phones Can Be Reality, Early Stage Preview Uncovered On Video

There is no doubt transparent phones look cool, but it seems impossible to create; as also pointed out in comments by many in our transparent iPad concept post shared earlier. However, this could soon be a reality as Taiwan-based optical glass specialists company Polytron Technologies are already working on a transparent smartphone, and the results have been promising so far.

transparent phone

The company has even released the early stage smartphone prototype demo video showing the hardware. The secret ingredient to make this work is switchable glass, which contains the liquid crystal molecules creating the transparent display using electric current.


Super cool! Wish i could get one now!

the battery & the sd card really look ugly, should make that transparent too..

hoax; they are just two piece of plexiglass glued together with `0` and `1` printed (holographed) inside.

it doesn't run; also the batteries looks like the ones used in watches (don't hold much of electricity).

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