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Exclusive invites for Unblock TV by AceVPN for our readers

We had offered free VPN accounts from Acevpn in the past. Now Acevpn is offering limited free Unblock TV accounts exclusively to MegaLeecher readers.

Be it geographically-restricted video channels like Netflix, Hulu, Hulu+, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Crackle, Pandora, Comedy Central, Amazon Instant Video, ESPN, CW, BBC iPlayer and itv or specifically country censored videos on services like Youtube. Users have always resorted to anonymity VPN services to get past them.

Now there is an dedicated service specifically built to bypass geo-restricted video content, Unblock TV is different from VPN services we have featured on MegaLeecher previously. It lets you stream your favorite shows and videos from BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, CBS, NBC and many other supported channels without slowing your Internet down like VPN normally does. If you stream in HD you will know what I mean. No software to install. Just point your DNS to Acevpn servers and you are good to go. It doesn't hide your IP address like VPN does.

Don't miss the shows you love anywhere anytime with Acevpn Unblock TV. Unblock TV is supported on most of the network connected devices and operating systems. Following channels are supported as of now and more will be added as requested just send them an email if you like to see your favorite channel :

USA Channels : Netflix, Hulu, Hulu+, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Crackle,
Pandora, Comedy Central, Amazon Instant Video, ESPN, CW
UK Channels : BBC iPlayer, itv, Channel4 (4oD)
France Channels : Pluzz, Canalsat, M6 Replay, Direct8, Eurosport, TF1
Germany Channels : n-tv

Instructions to Activate IP address for Unblock TV

1. Open Members Area ( in your browser
2. Choose "Unblock TV Authorized IP" tab.
3. Choose "Add / Activate New IP Address" and add your current IP
address. Save changes.
4. Click on "Activate" link to activate your network.

Screen shot that illustrates the above :


Acevpn is also bundling free vpn account with this promotion. Again exclusive to MegaLeecher readers. The best 30 entries from readers commenting to this post will get an invite to both Unblock TV and Free VPN monthly account, make sure to comment for "Where are you located and what channel would you like to watch using this service ?". Alternatively you may subscribe to their VPN service. Unblock TV is included for free with both Premium and Ultimate plan.


OMG!!! is it really??? i am dying to access those servers... and now its become very simple. all i need is only a simple invite...

This is great for Canadian Netflix users who have PS3. Netflix in Canada has much fewer TV shows and movies available. Yes, we can frig our computers to watch them, but if you want to watch them on your PS3, something like Unblock TV is the way to go.

I am located in Cyprus and i would like to watch Hulu.

Thanks for the opportunity !

This is a really great giveaway!! :>>>

Especially for a Leech like me :s

I watch hulu ALL the time (long live ICT recession ;) and if not watching hulu, I sure am listening to my Pandora!

Sadly, it's hard to find really good (free) vpn's...

For all reading this waaay to late, a small reward for your efforts? gives a great (current) list with "free" vpn's... And (non-free) extra tip: get Ad Muncher so you can freely use HotSpotShield (US) or AnchorFree (UK) without those pesky url hijack & advertisement...
Also, another (free) tip that works GREAT (especially with AdMuncher) is - foremost their links to and work SUPERFAST (from EU).

I do love privacy but CONTENT is the most important thing I'm always after... So running UnBlock TV Service sounds great: I can do "my" US things AND still download "locally" on full speed (torrents, etc). What's not to love about it???

And with a free pptp (or better!?) account, I could also install it on my mobile... Sadly, newest Android's don't support Flash anymore - but I'm willing to test some alternatives (Dolphin. Maxthon!) to see if I can get hulu working on my S3 too ;p

And for the recurring-part... I don't LOVE re-activating... But I'll make a special label in my gmail and if speed is good (it probably is, right?) the re-activating won't slip my mind ;pp

So what would I do with this?? I'd ENJOY MY ASS OFF :>>>>> And not done by far - after years I still did not find time to start UK too. But sure as heaven want to get mobile finally too!

So yeah, in short, I wan't in! Pretty please?


~~~ ~~~

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More background information on VPN's...

I'm in India. I love to watch TV Series at

Is it possible???

I am currenly in UK and missing services like HULU, ABC. I am big fan of serials like "House", "What would you do", "Once upon a time", "Supernatural", "Vampire Diaries"

With this VPN, i can see my fav serials as soon as they appear on those sites.

Awesome! Amaizing!

Wow. Thanks for giveaway. I'm from VietNam and I i would like to watch USA Channels. ;)

invitation vpn

I am living at Central Europe... faaaar from these countries wich included in the channel list and i'd like to watch these channels because i am interested in these languages to learn it :) and i also love vpn services :)

I want this service since I'm from Saudi and many sites are blocked and if I win, I'll be more entertained since content here is limited. Thanks in advance! :)

ecsjjgg's picture

I really need a licencse, because then I could watch Hulu and Netflix on my connected Samsung Smart TV, aswell as from my computer, altough i live in Sweden!!!

Wow, this is great. I never could understand why such services esp youtube post videos on the world wide web then geo limit the viewers.
Location: Trinidad & Tobago
I'd like to watch Hulu, Youtube and US-Netflix.


OMG!!! is it really??? i am dying to access those servers... and now its become very simple. all i need is only a simple invite...

its too good ilike ur offers
please give me one account

won't say too much, to use is the best reply.

I'm in Israel, where tv is quite awful... would love to watch the BBC and channel 4 for a change!

I would like a invite like this. In Canada, we have limited access to to netflix, blocked hulu, pandora, etc. The CRTC will never allow any of these companies to enter into the Canadian market.

sounds like an excellent service! an invite would be appreciated! :)

I'm from Argentina and would like to be able to access hulu, nbc, fox, cbs, abc..
Here they air US tv shows several months after they premiere and dubbed in Mexican, making them unwatchable.

I'm from Malaysia. so some of the channel mainly from U.S can't been view here.
So many awesome channel that i would like to watch mostly from Hulu, CBS, Fox and also movie from Netflix. I love to watching tv program from all over the world so with this vpn it will help me.

Thanks a lot megaleecher. I like your giveaway. Best thing is that your website have some selective good content article.Your invitation would be appreciated. Thank u.

Thanks a lot megaleecher. I like your giveaway. Best thing is that your website have some selective good content article.Your invitation would be appreciated. Thank u.

In Canada, we have limited access for many things.
Pretty sad because I'd love to watch many things but theses are blocked by the CRTC. It's so a protectionism's mark.

Please add me because here in Croatia cant wacht UK and USA channels PLEASE and Megaleecher is awesome...

Malaysian here, i would like to watch Hulu channel, as always...great post :)

Hulu and Netflix, that I'll like to use it for. VPN is fine with these extra encryption and all, but maybe because of that my previous VPNs get slowed down, not so fast enough for streaming on Hulu and Netflix in HD. So when i heard this DNS thing,I went like whoopee, this is it. So count me in please, Im looking forward experiencing high speed Hulu and Netflix from here Hong Kong.

Hello. You have a very nice offer today! I am in the Netherlands and I would love to watch British TV - the Brits have figured online content out! I must admit I won't be doing anyting technical with it, but I do like to access content on my peril!

Thank you in advance, even if I don't win, for VPN's are important and people need to get educated! Thank you.

Anton van Es

being stuck here in the Netherlands I do miss out on great content from the BBC and especially its iPlayer. there's a ton of content out there that simply doesn't get aired a second time, bits and pieces I might've missed due to simply not existing at the time, and as with all content providers, there's material that doesn't get its well deserved praise. with the exclusive offer presented here I'd like to gain access to this Brobdingnagian vault of often great material. this is a much appreciated service and I don't doubt there are many who'd like an invite, just to get a taste of what's been hidden from them. region blocking and licensing disputes bar audiences from great content, in an age where we're supposed to know better.

In Holland I wanna watch USA TV. Is that doable this way? This will not give privacy? I don't mind ;p

I won! Thank you very much, I will be going to test soon. Thank you a lot!


I look at hulu now all the time. Thank you again, working is really easy! With DNS settings I can watch many things. Only first advertisement often has buffer problems, all rest on high quality really good.


Giveaway only 1 month not recurring :(

See: Hello,

The giveaway was only for a month. You have 2 options. You could
upgrade to either Premium or Ultimate vpn and get instant access or do
as per the requirements mentioned on . The free service
has a waiting period and only if the required conditions are met, free
vpn activation will be processed.

Please contact us if you need further assistance. For technical
questions visit / post in the forums -

Best Regards
Complete Internet Privacy - Anytime, Anywhere
Subscribe to network status and updates -

Not good, I really liked it. Megaleecher, next time please specify in more detail :(

It has been clearly written above, about the one month account:

"The best 30 entries from readers commenting to this post will get an invite to both Unblock TV and Free VPN monthly account"

While we would love to giveaway free services of longer duration, this is something sponsors need to provide and being a business it does not make sense for them to giveaway longer duration services for free.

Many do provide this. Too bad not now. Monthly sounds recurring to me? If yoy had said 1 month account... my bad. Still loved it for this month :)

Thank you.

I am from Slovenia and would like to watch itv and and hulu. In our country we dont have any good tv show to watch. TV stations only broadcast some old movies and even those few movies are on the air practialy every half year again and again. I am "affraid" of upcoming winter holidays and its "unique" movies.. :) sarcasm. :S And our small country is offten exluded from geo-restricted video content.
I cant wait to get FREE VPN and UNBLOCK TV service from ACEVPN . I tried a lot of free VPN services and everyone have its limitations and weaknesses. The greatest thing with unblock TV service is that internet connection is not slowing down like VPN, because i like to watch HD stream.
The great think with acevpn freevpn is that their servers are in 13 countries which is werry useful when i need ip from some other coutry (especially USA, UK and Canada).

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